Shiraz Kachoriwala (22/H/7 Bright Street Kolkata 17)

In a nutshell:

YUMMRAJ was super impressed with the Daal poori (kachori) at this roadside shack that was constantly teeming with people.

Siraj bhai's shack
Siraj bhai’s shack

Address & other details: If u r coming from Science City, after crossing No. 4 bridge, u will have to take the 2nd left & u r into Bright Street. As u go forward, u come to a Y fork. Turn right & this guy has the shack a few meters into the road.

Meal for 2: Very very less – amount will depend on how many u eat

Daal poori at siraj bhai's shop
Daal poori at siraj bhai’s shop

Cuisine type : Vegetarian

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Description :

This is a small non-descript nameless shack that u wud just pass by, if u did not know about it. However, u hv tasted Shiraz bhai’s magic once, u r unlikely to ignore the shop. It is a tent like structure, with a see thru kitchen in which the kachori filling was being made & also the dough was being prepared.


The kachoris were being stuffed & flattened at the edge of the shack & the frying was happening outside – on the road.
The daal pooris were like pooris with daal filling. Not like the khasta kachoris that r found in the most of Northern part of india.

Freshly fried pooris
Freshly fried pooris

The poori was slightly crisp outside & soft inside. It had perfect salt so that the poori cud b eaten just as it is. The flavor & taste of the daal was too good. The spices in the daal mix were optimum as well. The poories reminded me of the Lays ad – ‘No one can have just one’. As u keep munching, the hands stop receiving signals from the stomach when the latter starts receiving signals of ‘No more space’.

Siraz (white shirt) meeting customers outside his shop
Md. Shiraz (white shirt) meeting customers outside his shop

We enjoyed the poori as it is & also with some crisp freshly fried jalebis from a nearby shop. Sounds weird but that suggestion by my cousin turned out to b a good hit. The sweet – sour – salt combo made a good story.

We also enjoyed the pooris with beef tikkas being sold here. Less beef, lots of spices & daal for packing, crisp, spicy & super tasty……………

my experiment of daal poori with jalebis & beef tikkis.
my experiment of daal poori with jalebis & beef tikkis.

………… and price? People outside of Kolkata will not b able to imagine it at all. Loved this place & I think this is one of the best kachoris I have had in the past 1 year.

2 thoughts on “Shiraz Kachoriwala (22/H/7 Bright Street Kolkata 17)

  1. This is the place reminded my childhood and adolescent days. Spend almost more than 20 years in Shamsul Huda Road, adjacent of Bright Street, en-route towards Mithai, Beckbagan. You can find lots of street Dalpuri and Tikia shops around this place. During evening they sell Beef Rolls. Sells like hot cake. The best Beef roll you can find at “Nafil” restaurant, beside Zeeshan, Park Circus Tram Depot. You can also spot one of best “Beef shuti kabab roll” close to Mithai, Beckbagan on the way to CMC Market.
    Try new “Afsa” restaurant (No beef) near to Queen of the Lady Mission School, for better biriyani and strong competitor of “Arsalan”.

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