Daulat ki Chaat (Chandni Chowk, Delhi 6).

In a nutshell:

Totally unlike the mental image of ‘chaat’ that we have, this is a unique milk based dessert that is sold only in winters , on the streets of Chandni Chowk & not in the famous Sweet Shops.

Daulat ki chaat
Daulat ki chaat

Address & other details: Walk from Red Fort to Fatehpuri Masjid – U will get many people selling these from carts / tripods.

Contact information of the guy who sold us Daulat ki chaat
Contact information of the guy who sold us Daulat ki chaat

Meal for 2: Rs. 40 onwards

Cuisine type : Vegetarian


As mentioned above, our mental picture of chaat is something with salt, sweet & sour tastes & a variety of ingredients with different tastes & textures served together. Daulat chaat does not have anything to do with salt or sour or chatpata chaat masala. It is a sweet fluffy dessert made from milk.

The big container with the white chaat base
The big container with the white chaat base, topped with the yellow layer

Usually the seller of the chaat gets the base ingredient of the chaat in a large container. The base is already topped with pistachis as u can see in the pic. To save from flies & dust usually the food is covered with a fine see thru cloth. The base of the chaat is usually white in color with the top layer / parts of it yellow in color dueto addition of kesar / food color.

Close up into the setup
Close up into the setup

Once order is placed, the seller of the chaat picks up few scoops of the base & tops it with powdered sugar & Khoya (reduced milk). The base does not have any sweetness – hence the need for adding sugar. Some people serve just like that. Others mix these three things & serve. Some serve in disposable paper bowls. Others serve in Kulhars.

View of the set up - from the seller's side
View of the set up – from the seller’s side

The taste is quite unlike anything Indian. A soft fluffy creamish texture that lands on the tongue & vanishes soon, to ask for more. The Khoya adds to the taste & richness.

Mixing in process - Bowl of Khoya & powdered Sugar peeps from the background.
Mixing in process – Bowl of Khoya & powdered Sugar peeps from the background.

Since this is milk & cream, once winters r over, it cannot b sold in the Delhi Summer temperature as the thing wud just melt – That is the reason why u get this only in winters.

We enjoyed our chaat from Ajab Singh who that day was selling Daulat ki Chaa in front of Parathewali gali.

9 thoughts on “Daulat ki Chaat (Chandni Chowk, Delhi 6).

  1. I had this more than once in Naisarak area . I thought it was a unique thing just limited to Chandni Chowk . But to my surprise this is also had in Lucknow , Kanpur & benaras etc as Makhan Malai



    here :

    The difference is Delhi one is less sweet with Mawa etc , the ones I had in Kanpur were sweeter . Loved both of them though

    1. Hi,
      I missed Vir Sanghvi’s coverage. This one is available only in Delhi winters coz it melts otherwise. Unlikely that it will bsold on streets of Mumbai considering temperature is much warmer in Mumbai.


      1. I have had Malhaio in Varanasi but Daulat Ki Chaat seems like a different thing. In Varanasi they whisk saffron flavored milk and serve the foam that gathers on top sprinkled with pistachios in a kulhar. After you finish half of it they fill your pot with the kesar milk. But that think is also available during winters.

  2. I had it too. Honestly I bought it thinking of it as khurchan ki mithai. But when tasted it I asked for its name from the vendor. It tastes like the frosting on a cake. Did not like it much though 🙁 Not for my taste buds, I will say .

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