Smoke House Deli: India Financial Centre, BKC, Mumbai

Contributed by Food connoisseur Rakesh Kumar. Apologize for no pics coz Rakesh got so carried away by the food that he forgot to click!!!! Here it is….

……………..Cannot but resist writing the review.

On a lazy Saturday afternoon bumped into this houseful restaurant . Thanks to my habit of always making reservation in advance.

My family is a hardcore Indian food lover and I wanted them to savour some great alternate food.

Decor is pristine white and ambience great.

Whole look and feel make you feel that good food is sure shot here .

We ordered for soup, burger, sandwich and Red Wine for self.

The Red Chilly crusted Basa with rice is worth a mention. It was a burst of flavour and awesome taste. We just loved and kudos to the Chef for this wonderful creation.

The service is awesome and the turnaround time for each and everything is one of the fastest ever that I ever witnessed.

It is thumbs up all the way for this lovely place.

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