Sufia Hotel (2, Zakariya Street Kolkata-73, near Nakhoda Mosque)

This post is written by Guest Blogger  Md. Ibrar Arshad. All views expressed by Ibrar r his personal views. Pls feel free to share ur comments in case u decide to visit this place / have been there already.

YUMMRAJ has not personally been to Sufia Hotel. However YUMMRAJ is excited reading this & looks forward to visit Sufia Hotel in his next visit to Kolkata.

In a nutshell:

Perched in the side of a congested central Kolkata locality is an eating joint isolated in its traditional abode. Opposite to the Nakhoda Mosque, Sufia Restaurant is in actuality a traditional eating place propelling the bygone age of when the people of Awadh started to settle in the city.

Sufia hotel
Sufia hotel

Meal for Two: 200 Onwards

Cuisine Type: Predominantly Non-Vegetarian

Short Description- in case u r in a hurry :

One has to be an expert at finding places in the most crowded of places to reach here.

If one manages to cross the barrage of street vendors and gem stone shops, the problem of parking is still a mammoth task.

The place itself does not look marginally clean, but it has that distinctive charm of the days when the Raj was in its Zenith. Sadly,look wise it has remained in that stagnated display, with old furniture and older plates.

inside the eatery
inside the eatery

The single storied place has tables and chairs kept on each side of the rectangular wall which leads to a dingy kitchen at the back end. I have been privy to its services over the year and have seen it stay the same with time. What has remained fortunately is the quality of food meted out to customers who have appreciated it throughout their lives.

The menu is written on the wall, but the waiter there can elocute it you.

The standard and regular items are the Tamatar Stew, Moong Daal gosht , Chana Daal gosht, Arhar Daal, Beef Keema, Bhuna Gosht, Aloo Sabzi, to name a few .

It is a pocket friendly place, especially to students of the colleges of College Street who are regulars for its Samosas and Paratha kebabs served in the evening. Also, the Daal Puri made of Maida and Daal is served as a breakfast item in the morning. They also serve Phirni as a lone dessert dish.

But the place is mostly famous for its Nihari, the quintessential breakfast of the Nawabs , which is only sold during the winter.

Detailed Description – In case u have the Time to NJOY reading:

I started off with the Tamatar Stew, the meaty concoction that is a hybrid of the Lucknow dish with the predominant tomatoes as its definite characteristic. The onion present is mostly the caramelized sweet form which balances the acidity of tomatoes in the broth. The meat was tender and I am sure it was cooked for more than 3 hours.

tamatar stew
tamatar stew

The pieces were big enough to be eaten with the Rotis. Loved it and rate it 4.5/5

Then arrived the Daal Gosht, both varieties of which were simplistic.

The Moong Daal was more on the bland side, while the Chana Daal with meat was sumptuous and tasty with several simple but potent spices. Rate it 3.25/5

They also had a variety of spicy Beef Chaaps , Bhuna and Kheeris.

What was a surprise was the Arhar Daal or the Plain Daal as one would call it. The seasoning was done with caramelized onions and dried red Chillies. It was surely the dish’s uniqueness that proves the place’s credentials in spite of being a generic food item. Rate it 4/5

plain daal
plain daal

The Beef Keema was a dish that established its reputation. Robust and spicy, the minced meat was a treat in itself. No wonder I had heard of it from a variety of people.

Beef Keema
Beef Keema

Slowly cooked meat served with generous amounts of oil, this was surely the best of the lot. Rate it 4.80/5

I was unfortunate to not come during here during the winters when they would serve their legendary Nihari. It is one dish that makes the whole of Calcutta to throng on the place for an early breakfast.

our meal
our meal

The Nihari is eaten along with the Daal Puri which adds another element to its subliminal flavor.

Also, the Phirni was finished by the time I went there, but have of its decent taste.

As dessert it is an item that is so necessary for one to eat after a barrage of hard core meaty food.

I will surely visit it again , just to breath in the old world charm of that scrawny eatery.

7 thoughts on “Sufia Hotel (2, Zakariya Street Kolkata-73, near Nakhoda Mosque)

    1. This has been the oldest eatery, where i’ve enjoyed the food, & still enjoy @ times. They give real good food, with good taste. I have been eating food, here since childhood. They’re very popular, for the food they give, & they serve the best nahari, in the whole of calcutta, no one is better than them. Excellent food, with good pocket friendly rates.

  1. I havent tasted Sufiya’s cuisine much but yes d one thing which m crazy about is dr nehari nd offcourse der daal puris ..Ibrar u did a great job …u insisted me to try der odr dishes as well…..

  2. the place is very very dirty…the plates are dirty..the kitchen looks like hell and cooks and waiters surely lack personal hygiene by miles.went to the place with expectations was crashed out within minutes.

    even the food is nothing to write about.
    shared a roti and beef keema with a freind.the keema was ok with generous oil all around.also,the pricing as compared to the quality of the place seemed can surely get the same type of food in much better ambiance in metiaburuz/khidirpur areas.

    will definitely not recommend for a fact royal hotel is just 100 meters awayso .why bother/?

    1. Thanks for sharing ur feelings and experience, arun. Would be good if you could add names and addresses of some of the good shops that u Hv mentioned.

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