Purepur Kolhapur (shop no 1&2, Aditya apartment, parleshwar road, opp parleshwar temple, Vile Parle East, mumbai)

In a nutshell:Nice Kolhapuri food at this small eatery run by warm people.

Address & other details: Purepur Kolhapur 

Meal for 2: 500 onwards

Cuisine type : vegetarian & nonvegetarian

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Short description- in case u r in a hurry:
We had first heard about this restaurant from our foodie friend Raghu, reinforced by our foodie friend Aalok.

We reached here one evening. It was pretty near to the station but the roads in front were very empty.

There were nice props in front of the restaurant.

Inside the restaurant , the dining hall was small but had a high ceiling.

A board mentioned the special dishes of the day.

Furniture was regular.

Menu card was a 2 pager laminated sheet with items and description in both English and Marathi.

The boy serving us was very warm And nice.
Loved the food. Worth the 28 km one way travel to eat out here….
Detailed description- in case u hv the time to njoy reading:
We opted for a Mutton fry thali. It had mutton fry, tambara rassa, pandra rassa

Mutton fry had an excellent gravy. Thick, with lots of onions which gave it sweetness. the mutton pieces were small and good to taste but not the best – it seemed they added the meat to the curry midway instead of cooking the meat together. This led to flavours of spices not mingling with flavours of the meat. Rate it 4/5

Tambara rassa was the reddish brown hot thin broth – hot n spicy. It was Surely good but the one at hotel gavran Kolhapur, Pune had a lost more character and charm of its own. Rate it 3.5/5

Pandra rassa was the coconut milk based hot thin broth – this was not hot (chilly) and had very good flavours of coconut milk. Once again, the one at Pune was much better. Rate the dish 3.75/5

Keema wati was excellent. The minced mutton had full blown flavour that had beautifully mingled with the flavours of the spices. Perfect balanced curry. Loved it and rate it 4.5/5

We also went for Gavran kombda thali (country chicken).

Seeing Gavran kombda on the menu caused a load of excitement. We remembered kalim’s moonight, hotel gavran Kolhapur, grant hotel and many more places where we enjoyed this country chicken preparation. The curry that came was good but cud not match up to the high standards we had in mind. While the chicken was not poultry, it was not the usual village chicken. It was farm bred organic fed chicken. Somewhere between a bland tasteless broiler and super tasty real country chicken.

The gravy was good as I said but not great. The meat flavours had not infused into the curry. It lacked the punch. Rate it 3/5

Tambara rassa and Pandra rassa were the same as in the other thali.

Egg curry had a fantastic flavour. It tasted really very good. The boiled egg was whitish looking and was just popped in. It did not make any difference to the curry. Rate it 4/5

Mutton Rassa was a very good thin gravy mutton dish. It had a punch and a slew of subtle flavours. While it cud not match up with hotel Nagpur, it was very good on its own. The meat pieces were very soft, intense, tasty and good. Rate it 4.25/5

Bombil fry was very good to taste. It was very crisp. The fish was very fresh, juicy and just very good to eat. Rate it 4.5/5

Kharvas came for dessert. It was low on sweet and good to taste but was nowhere near kharvas at Bedekar tea stall, pine. Rate it 3.5/5

Taak , the traditional drink was very good. It was refreshing and had the punch. Rate it 4/5

Solkadi was excellent. It had the punch more than most places. It was rustic , strong and simply great to taste. Rate it 4.5/5

Overall rating of food at purepur Kolhapur averages out to 4/5

Wud revisit to try out other dishes

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