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This is a review of stay and experiences at a new hotel in delhi – andaz 
In a nutshell:

Came for an office trip (booked by travel desk), loved it, got back with family for vacation. Quirkiness all over. Salute the person who imagined and designed this whole concept – it’s a new benchmark for a hotel stay experience.


I remember a digital ad of a hotel that had picture of a maroon ambassador car with andaz written on that – airport pick up!!

As I walked into the hotel for my office trip, I was amazed from the first step. No dark colours, no men in fitted formal suits and no young girls in sarees acting too sweet and too formal. Instead, there were a bunch of kids in their twenties in casual clothing and white adidas originals sneakers. Wow , quite refreshing, speaking in natural tone, natural human to human interaction etc

Registration counter – none. Instead , a set of 3 red tables with these young boyz and gals finishing off check super fast.

For office stay I was in a normal room which in itself had a good number of surprises.

For personal stay we booked a suite with a view of the runway of delhi airport. That turned out to b stunning – both in the day and at night.

We got an airport pickup in a retro refurbished ambassador car that stood apart in the crowd.

The suite was good to launch a party with 10-15 friends

A book named 401 reasons to stay in delhi was a lovely read.

The restaurant annamaya was another delight.

There was a huge installation of a pomegranate, a bunch of bananas and banana flowers hanging from the wall and more.

At the entrance to the restaurant Was a cycle rickshaw full with fruits.

A juice counter was constantly churning our unique blends. Loved some of the combinations a lot. 4.5/5

Fresh fruit counter, morning cereal counter had lots of choice to mix and match

There were 3 kinds of curd – full cream cow, buffalo milk and skimmed milk!!! Baked yoghurt was outstanding 4.75/5

Had some great options in North Indian and south Indian counters

Bakery section was super attractive.

Freshly made waffles were great.

What I was totally impressed with was the open kitchen – no barriers. We as guests cud walk into it.

Met the chef and requested him to make an European style simple omelet. What came was a masterpiece- one of the best omelet I have had in months. Soft, creamy, juicy and just too YUMM 4.5/5

Next day requested a scrambled egg with just mushrooms. Outstanding again. 4.5/5

Pork sausage and scrambled eggs was what I tried on another occasion

Eggs Benedict was the best I have ever had in a breakfast buffet. 4.25/5

What I loved was the passion with which the guys were taking the brief and making the dish with best effort. Rarely seen at breakfast buffets as most places put the junior most people at these counters who gravitate towards bland masala omelets.

Super loved the pork sausages – juicy, robust, intense. 4.25/5

The dinner and lunch menu is short and has items made from produce of organic farms.

On one occasion we had a lamb patty on a bed of mashed potato, served with greens, garnished with micro greens. Outstanding. Robust , intense flavours of lamb, an outstanding juice of lamb at the base, super mashed potato ( unputdownable)…. 4.75/5

Annamaya is designed like a market. So in addition to ordering food, one can buy spices, Himalayan rock salt, honey etc, books on delhi, copper utensils, replica of the ambassador car and loads of quirky stuff.

We super loved getting a replica car as a gift while checking out.

Looking for more occasions to get back here:)

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