Prashant (opposite state bank, rajwada, Indore)

In a nutshell:A 70 year old shop in indore that still serves some memorable & unmissable vegetarian snacks

Address & other details: Prashant

Meal for 2: ₹100 onwards

Cuisine type : vegetarian

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Short description- in case u r in a hurry:

We checked Vinod dua’s zaika india ka on YouTube to find interesting places to eat breakfast in indore and this place popped up as an option.

The 5 year old video mentioned a shop named Prashant uphar griha (200 Gaj from rajwada (the palace). As we reached near rajwada, we realized that the description was inadequate. Checked google but did not find the place. So resorted to great Indian google ‘bhai Ji, Prashant hotel kidhar hai’. ‘State bank ke oppojit’ we were told.

The state bank building was an unmissable red heritage building.

We soon found a shop called Prashant but no upahar Kendra. The signage was pretty new. Went near it but cud not b sure. So walked away. Showed the video clip to a group of guys standing a bit away and they said this was the same store relocated from the adjacent lane to the main road , with new signage. We were assured and we walked into a 45 minutes of culinary ecstasy.

The premises of earlier shop which is now used as a kitchen

The shop had a ground floor and a mezzanine floor. A small counter had done sweets inside it. We were asked to go to the mezzanine floor and as we started to sit, we were advised to move to the next table as the latter had a fan next to it and the former did not!!!!

The gentleman serving us soon figured that we were first timers and amateurs in his store. So he took over the task of making sure we taste a lot of things. He kept on getting those one by one.

The restaurant was opened in 1949. The Founder of the shop, a young boy then, had come from Raigarh to stay with his aunt and study at indore. After matric exams he decided not to study any more and open a ‘hotel’….. the shop has been around since then….

Must say that he gave birth to a marvel which his family members r now taking care of, after his demise.

Food was mind blowing
Detailed description- in case u hv the time to njoy reading:

We started with plain poha. U might think ‘who eats poha at a restaurant?’ We had no doubts and we went for it. Turned out to b a marvel. It had Soft, almost independent but slightly sticky and moist grains of poha with a salt n sweet taste with a hint of chilly – overall unbeatable. They served a wedge of lemon and suggested we add some. Loved it with the lemon and without. Bhujia on top added texture play. Rate it 4.95/5.

The next dish we had was usal poha. Unlike the subtle previous dish, this was an explosion of robust hot taste in the mouth. The base was poha on one side and whole moong on the other, topped with thick bhujia and of course the thick , robust, rustic and hot usal gravy. Wow. Awesome. Play of textures, flavours and un-uniform layers of taste. Rate it 4.5/5

We moved on to sabudana khichdi- moist, super soft, sticky and very very tasty. It had peanuts and also peanut paste in it that made a huge difference. It’s an art to transform the humble sabudana to something as wow as this. Magic masala added to flavours. Rate this 4.75/5

Next dish we tried was dahi usal. It had whole moong and usal gravy at the bottom, thick lumpy , slightly beaten, non smooth dahi on top , garnished with bhujia. Loved the lumpiness of the dahi and the balance of gravy with the dahi. Excellent once again. Rate it 4.5/5

Dahi ka mattha was a simple form of buttermilk- at ₹10 a glass it was as good as it could get. Refreshing and in perfect proportions. Rate it 4/5

They also usually make kairee (raw mango) panha which was unfortunately not available on that day.

As we asked for the bill, our server suggested that we try aloo ki kachori. We had no space left. So he suggested that we wait for 10 minutes for the fresh batch and pack 2 kachoris. We decided to wait.

We were happy to get hot kachoris in ‘dona’ made from old newspaper. We finally ate the kachoris almost 90 minutes later and they were still warm , crisp, layery and insanely tasty. They were unreal. Texture, taste, flavours – all beyond perfect. Rate them 4.95/5

Overall rating of food at Prashant averages out to 4.6/5

Wud surely revisit.

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