Hotel, Vinayaka mylari (shop no 79, near police station, nazarbad main road, doora, mysuru, Karnataka)

In a NUtshell:A small eatery in mysuru with only 3 items on the menu – serving a unique form of dosa and some excellent idly.

Address & other details: Vinayaka mylari

Meal for 2: ₹100 onwards

Cuisine type : vegetarian

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Short description- in case u r in a hurry:

In the road on which this restaurant is located, there are few more shops of similar names and permutations and combinations of the first part of the name and second. We chose to go to this one coz our blogger friend Arvind suggested we try the food here. It was also in our list that we had prepared when we decided to visit mysuru.

Like many other restaurants of this category, people share seats with strangers. Tables r small and so r the chairs. So high chance that two L sized people will brush shoulders. If both r XL , they will surely feel like Siamese twins. In summers there will b real time heat and sweat transmission from one to the other….

The guy at the payment counter made some strange calculation mistake which usually never happens. He was charging us 30% more till we pointed it out.

The restaurant was small. Tourists and locals both were coming here. By the time we were leaving, there was a queue outside.

There was no menu card of course. It is verbally narrated.

Detailed description- in case u hv the time to njoy reading:

The shop offers only two items on its solid food verbally narrated menu – mylari dosa and idly.

The mylari dosa is very different from the usual masala dosa. This one was not crisp and thin and large in size but is soft, thick and small in size. It was fluffy and had almost a pancake type of consistency.

The dosa batter had its fermented feel. The dosa was topped with a dollop of locally made butter. The butter gave a nice feel.

The usual potato cube curry Filling was not there. Instead there was a curry with tiny cubes of onion and I guess almost mashed potato. Absolutely different and very delicious. Dosa came with the aloo inside it.

Very different. Will remember for a long while.

Rate the dosa 4.25/5

The idly here was brilliant. Super soft, had a strong fermented feel to it and a strong character, unlike the super fluffy thatte idly on Bengaluru mysuru highway.

The chutney was very good. They also served the dosa filing with idly – a combination I do not remember having b4.

Rate it 4.5/5

We also had filter coffee. Usually when I order filter coffee anywhere in the country, I ask for ‘strong’ coffee. I did the same here. The guy looked at me as if I was transparent and as if I did not exist there. Assuming he had not heard me, I repeated myself. This time the expression on this face was that of anger and shock – as if I have asked him the colour of his underwear in front of 10 people!!!!

The guy came back and served the coffee and gave black filter coffee separately. The coffee was ok. It had a bit more chicory than enjoyable limits, probably to make it cheaper. Rate the coffee 3/5.

Overall rating of food and beverages at Vinayaka mylari averages out to 3.9/5

Wud probably not revisit

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