Lunch at Ms. Lakhiprobha Deori’s traditional deori tribal house (Major Deori village, Majuli island, Assam)

Lunch at this deori family home was a part of Textile and bio diversity trail organised by exotic echo.

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A memorable lunch at a deori tribal home with great conversation and fantastic food and freshly brewed rice wine.

Address & other details: exotic echo

Meal for 2: ₹800 onwards

Cuisine type : vegetarian & non vegetarian

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The lunch was a part of the trail organised by exotic echo mentioned above. There is no fixed money for the food as this is not a restaurant. people usually pay ₹400-500 per person.

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Short description- in case u r in a hurry

Lunch at this deori family home was a part of Textile and bio diversity trail organised by exotic echo.

Like all houses in the island of Majuli, the Deori tribe village huts/ houses are built on stilts so that they are not affected by floods/ water logging. Earlier the stilts used to be made of bamboo. Now most houses have replaced bamboo stilts with concrete pillars coz bamboo being a natural product gets worn out in weather and the stilts need to be changed and the structure reconstructed from scratch. Earlier the roofs were made from hay which was good for both summer and winters but were a problem for the rainy season. In this house they have replaced the traditional hay roof with metal corrugated sheet. The structure of the house, walls, flooring are all made in the traditional way.

The floor squeaks as one walks and it also goes up and down due to body weight. It takes a few minutes to get used to it. The bamboo walls are airy and nice.

The staircase to the stilt house is a kind of ladder. Children to adults to old people all travel up thru it. Again it’s a matter of getting used to, provided one has no major knee problems.

The entrance to the house has a lovely verandah. On one corner there was a spinning machine.

As we walked in, we saw bedrooms on both sides with wooden and bamboo furniture in them. The doors are made of bamboo too.

The eating area and open kitchen are seamless. Two windows on both side make it airy.

The kitchen had a chulha on a raised platform and a great deal of space around it. The utensils were a mix of aluminium & steel. Loved seeing traditional Kansa bowls.

We were served food on 2 layers of banana leaf – one placed in landscape and one on top of it in portrait form (mid rib of the leaf perpendicular to the guest).

Detailed description – in case u hv the time to njoy reading:

As per the tradition of this blog, we will be rating the dishes and publish an overall rating by averaging the individual ones. Reason I am putting the rating is to let you benchmark with the yummraj rating scale.

However the real memory that this experience created is way beyond rating and was priceless.

We were first served pork – boiled first and then grilled. No flavor of any spices but full blown flavor of the meat. Great balance of meat and fat in the pieces. The meat pieces were somewhat juicy, optimally soft, full of flavors, had charred ends and were perfectly seasoned. Brilliance. Rate it 4.5/5

The next dish that was served to us was lai shaak (local saag) with paanch phoran spice, jeera, garlic, ginger and pieces of pork in it. Again fabulous it was. The lovely texture of lai shaak was retained while the other ingredients made it flavorful and super YUMM. Pork added to the flavor of the curry. Simply outstanding I Wud say. Rate it 4.75/5. This was a very different way of eating lai shaak than the just boiled , no salt , no spice, no sauce version that we ate in Nagaland.

We were served daal with rice. The daal with dhania (coriander) was simple yet heavenly. I don’t know what magic she did but we cud not just stop eating it. Rate it 4.75/5

Rice was from the latest harvest and locally produced.

With food we were served rice wine – this turned out to be the best among all that we have had in this trip. Strong, full of flavors, layered, tasty and just too good. Rate it 4.95/5.

Overall rating of food and beverage at Ms. lakhiprobha’s house averages out to 4.7/5

After the lunch the lady gifted us with the traditional chador that she had herself woven. We were touched and even a week later we fondly discuss that .

Memorable experience overall ….. no words can describe it. Priceless.

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  1. What a wonderful gesture, gifting the hand woven cloth. Experiences like these are beyond ratings and prices, they are memories for a lifetime! Enjoyed reading your description of this wonderful meal!

  2. I have taken many friends and their friends to Majuli over the last eight years. Yumraj has captured the essence and summary of this unique river island in a remarkable way. I congratulate him for the coverage

  3. Request you to please arrange your posts as per cities e.g. Mumbai, Delhi NCR etc. It will be really helpful when a person visits particular city, state. Even your Menu tab is not working.

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