Niros restaurant (MI Road Jaipur)

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A restaurant straight out of a 60s movie, not coz it has been recreated that way but coz nothing much has changed in the look, old time waiting staff with an ooze of old world hospitality, crisp menu & finally very enjoyable food

Address & other details: niros

Meal for 2: ₹800 onwards

Cuisine type : vegetarian & non vegetarian

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Short description- in case u r in a hurry

We got to know of this restaurant years back, after reading a discussion on ‘best laal maas’ on social media. This was on our list since then.

The restaurant has been around since 1949 & that is no mean feat. They serve Rajasthani, other North Indian cuisines & more.

They have a long & interesting vegetarian menu too.

The sign board outside looked like it’s been around for some time. It was obviously not backlit.

The walls inside has mirror on both sides & the ceiling also had mirrors. The mirrors were encased in wooden semi circular structures that have perpetual reflections.

The menu card was crisp.

The gentleman who took the food orders from us was nice to chat with. He recommended a vegetarian dish that we would not have ordered otherwise – loved it. The elderly person who served us food & took care of us while we were there, demonstrated ‘old school Rajasthani hospitality’ & yet was equally warm when I wud ask him to wait a moment for clicking pics of food b4 he cud serve it to us.

Loved the food. Look forward to dropping in again in our next visit.

Detailed description – in case u hv the time to njoy reading:

Bundi this was quite neutral and that helped it to be a great palate cleanser. the sourness of the curd was there but it was not too much. The boondi on top was very Crisp. Rate it 4/5

Rajasthani Sula kabab was excellent to taste. it was very different from the version that we had a day earlier at restaurant named Suvarna mahal, at taj rambagh palace hotel. the one at Niros was very tasty & had a strong, meaty flavour. it also had a strong charred effect. The texture of the kabab was however very close to that of mutton Burrah kebab. Rate it 4.25/5

Aloo pyaz subzi – the gentleman who took food order, recommended this dish, which we would have otherwise never ordered. in the curry, the full round small potatoes and full round small onions were similarly sized. the curry Was slightly sweetish but had an excellent taste. loved the texture of both the onion and potato. Gravy was excellent . Rate the dish 4.5/5

Laal maas was lovely. it was indeed one of the finest Laal Maas we have ever had for a long time. For the uninitiated, lal Maas is a robust red coloured super hot gravy of mutton. The dish celebrates the red Madhaniya chillies of Rajasthan and the excellent goat meat available in this part of the country. unlike the brainless hot, unidirectional, meat dishes named Lall Lall maas & served in mAny parts of india, the experience of this dish at niros was outstanding. Loved the way the flavours of the spices played with the flavour of the meat, the flavour of the Mathania chillies.

Rate the dish 4.5/5

Niros special dessert was super retro – it had and outer layer like cake and inside there was a rich tutti-frutti type ice cream with dry fruits added to it. The joy given by the dish was more nostalgic, than the actual taste. Rate it 4/5

We had the Curries with Makki di roti

& Mossi roti. The missi roti at The Suvarna mahal restaurant inside Rambagh Palace was way more rustic and uneven.

Overall rating of food at niros averages out to 4.25/5

Look forward to revisiting, to try out more Rajasthani food.

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  1. I have been very lucky to have visited this amazing Restaurant and had the pleasure to eat various dishes their food is to die for and i am waiting to go back. Their servers are so nice that it is a pleasure to be there i would surely recommend this Restaurant to all food lovers .

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