Yeti, the Himalayan kitchen (collonade, B block, inner circle, CP, same entrance as Hamleys toy shop)

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In a NUtshell

A lovely restaurant tucked up in the second floor of a CP building – needs an effort to find it, soothing ambient music from the hills, good & simple food, outstanding momos, warm & non intrusive service. I rate cafe lungta gurgaon above yeti in terms of food but this restaurants very good in its own.

Address & other details: yeti

Meal for 2: ₹500 onwards

Cuisine type : vegetarian & non vegetarian

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I rate all the food items & then give a final overall rating which is a simple average of the individual item ratings. What the ratings stand for: 5 = Excellent, 4 = Very Good, 3 = Good, 2 = Fair, 1 = Disaster

Short description- in case u r in a hurry

Finding the place from google map was a mess. It was showing a location close to coffee day shop & not the hamley’s toy shop entrance. So we used indian google ‘bhai yeti kahan hai’. Pat came the answer ‘waise to Himalay me milega, but restaurant thoda aagey jaake Hamleys ke building me milega’.

As we reached the hamley’s entrance, we remembered the place. It’s a smartly done property that has entrances from both inner circle & middle circle. A full building is converted to a complex named Collonade. Hamleys is the anchor & there are many restaurants. There are staircases to the 3 floors & there is a functional lift too. Yeti is on the second, next to big chill.

The interiors of the restaurant is very tastefully done – simple, elegant & soothing. The wooden furniture, the uneven walls, the colorful masks on them, the colorful lampshades, the Tibetan motifs. The best was the Himalayan music playing in the backdrop.

The boys in the restaurant were warm & nice. They were not chatty but they knew about the food well – answered all our queries satisfactorily.

The menu card was a printed booklet. The details of dishes were mentioned. No pictures.

It also mentioned that the food is prepared fresh, most of the times from scratch. So waiting time is approx 20 minutes.

There was also a code with a link to access the menu by scanning thru phone.

There were Very interesting dishes on the menu like goat offals, Trotters etc. which we could not try. We will get back here with more foodie friends to share the larger menu.

Food was good. Directionally good for sure. Some had execution challenges.

Detailed description – in case u hv the time to njoy reading:

Jhol momo was the first thing we had. This dish alone made the drive from gurgaon to CP worth it. There were super juicy momos (see in the picture) in an almost thin, Piping hot , Jhol (gravy).

The momos were terrific. The full flavored juices of the meat, the lumpy & uneven meatballs in the middle & the super thin outer layer, all contributed to the wow experience – not just the taste but the texture & flavor added to the joy. Rate this dish 4.75/5

Gyuma – the menu card mentioned that it is Tibetan Mutton sausage. The boy serving us told us that the sausage was made Inhouse with goat intestine as cover. The name gyuma I had heard was used for blood sausages but maybe it is used for other sausages as well.

The sausages were deep fried , which we did not realize while ordering. The outer layer was super crisp & the inside was a mix of meat & spice flavor, it was medium soft but not juicy at all. The meat flavors that I was expecting were largely missing, maybe due to overpowering by spices. Seemed to me like an execution error. Good but not great. Rate it 3.75/5

We then ordered the Thakkali thali

It had a Sarson saag achaar that was very good to taste. Loved the flavors. Rate it 4/5

Cholai saag was crunchy, juicy & too good. The onions played magic in terms of texture, sweetness & juiciness. Overall taste was very good. Rate it 4.25/5

Chicken curry was just about good. It had no direction. It had a thick gravy with nothing special to talk about. usually every region has some specific flavors in their Curries or some tastes but this had nothing like that. It was good to taste ordinary chicken curry. Rate it 3/5.

The Daal was addictive. It however reminded of Maggi masala flavor when it went to the mouth first time. slowly we got used to that flavor, whatever it was. It was good. Rate it 3.5/5

Deep fried crisp karela was lovely to munch on. Rate it 4/5

Potato wedges were mildly crispy on the outside. The potato was medium cooked. Bland. OKish. Rate it 2.5/5

Rating of the thali averages out to 3.5/5

Overall rating of food at yeti averages out to 4/5.

Will get back there once to try the offals & other interesting dishes.

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