Da susy pizzeria (F43, first floor, baani square, gurgaon).

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Among the top 3 pizza places in town. Period.

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Meal for 2: ₹750 onwards

Cuisine type : vegetarian & non vegetarian

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Receipt day 2

Short description- in case u r in a hurry

Updated on 19th july 2022. First post 6th February 2021.

Feb 2021

We got to know about this 1 month old eatery from a post by the delhi wallah (Mayank Austen Sufi) on social media – da susy.

We usually do not go to pizza shops in india – over the years of having bad pizzas & pastas laden with bad cheese & excessive cream, we are scared to even try (at the cost of missing out real stuff). If a friend suggests ‘pizza’, the answer is ‘hutt’. Or ‘domy’ doesn’t ‘know’ !!!

We found Something interesting in Mayank’s post & we decided to give da susy a shot.

As we were entering the baani square market, we asked the Guard downstairs (car parking entrance) – ‘new pizza shop Da Susy’? He confidently told us that there was no such shop in the market & that we have reached a wrong market.

We sensed something was wrong & we asked the shop number. Then he guided us on how to get to the shop on First floor.

As we reached the place at 800 pm, we realized that it was a shop converted to a restaurant, with 85% kitchen area & 15% customer seating area.

In the seating area, there is Only 1 table with 4 high seats. Period.

We met the gentleman from the restaurant just outside. He said that they have a booking at 845 pm. We started discussing amongst ourselves if we should come back another day or eat in the car in the parking.

Then as an afterthought the gentleman said ‘ok, come in, we have 45 minutes.

As we sat, the lady, susy, came to welcome us. We Got to know that the Lady is from Naples, Italy. She was into Inbound travel business till lockdown stopped all travel. So she thought of starting this venture.

The Gentleman we met, was her husband, a punjabi. He had a full day corporate job & he comes here in the evenings. It was So refreshing to see him help in making of the pizza, in addition to billing etc.

The menu was hand written on a board. As the ingredients kept finishing, they kept crossing it out.

Italian music (I guess) was playing in the background.

They currently do home Delivery thru their own site. They have two delivery boys. Due to the nature of the food, they do not deliver to places more than 15-20 minutes away as this pizza’s texture will become very bad, if reheated & eaten.

We heard that Susy is Currently experimenting with Indian flavors on pizzas – sarson da saag, baingan bharta etc. We look forward to trying those, when launched.

June 2022

We had been seeing on the social media that they had shifted to a larger restaurant. Ended up dropping in yesterday. The new place is much larger but I guess it’s falling short of space due to the popularity that this restaurant has gathered in the last 1 year.

Detailed description – in case u hv the time to njoy reading:

Day 2:

Salmon & zucchini

This pizza had zucchini sauce at the base!!! It also had mozzarella, smoked Norwegian salmon, rocket leaves, lemon zest, basil.

The pizza was Bursting out with flavours of salmon every bite was super Juicy. As always, the pizza had a Super thin & soft crust. The Flavours of every ingredient made their presence felt.

Overall the pizza was Simple but mind blowing. Rate it 4.75/5

Napoli with colatura di Alici – this pizza had a tomato sauce, mozzarella, Spanish black olives, Sicilian capers, anchovies, anchovies extract from amalfi coast, evo & basil.

The Anchovies had super fishy & robust flavours. One can either move it or hate it but can’t forget it. The anchovies were of course High on salt due to preserving method. This salt was Balanced beautifully by a light, sour, flavourful tomato sauce & dollops of good cheese. what a combo. Every bite was a flood of juiciness in the mouth, every bite was different (depending on what came in what bite in what proportion), every bite was a flavour bomb.

Best of its kind we have had in india.

Rate it 4.95/5

We also loved sipping on the ginger beer & ginger ale

Day 1:

We ordered Half diavola spicy salami , Half salsiccia sausage topping in one pizza as the size is large.

The pizzas here are Neapolitan pizza.

For both the flavors, The meats were great but inspite of that the meats ended up being ‘besides the point’. Reason – The pizza itself was a class apart.

The base was Super soft & super thin. In simple words – the Base not like a thick/thin bread. rather it was like a tandoori roti. The corners had fluffed up in the heat due to having no weight on them – in the shape of a hollow pipe, all around the pizza.

Every bite was Juicy & flavorful. The cheese gave a mouthful of juiciness & flavors.

The Tomato sauce did not seem to be industrial – it was made from scratch at the restaurant it seems. The Flavors of tomato were enjoyable & a slight hint of tart.

They Had extra spice infused olive oil, in case someone wants to sprinkle. It was good but not needed by us.

diavola – spicy salami was fab. Loved its flavors & the strong taste.

salsiccia sausage topping was excellent too. It was sausage crumbled – great flavors & taste.

Both flavors were equally good in their own way. Rate the pizzas 4.95/5

For dessert we had Tiramisu – it was served in a glass jar with a lid. Due to the shape of the jar & the size, the first bite did not get all the layers. However subsequently it was better idea than serving it in the plate as nothing was falling off.

The tiramisu was subtle, coffee & alcohol flavors were very well expressed. It was very light. Loved it. Very good but we have had better. Rate it 4.25/5

Overall rating of food at da susy averages out to 4.5/5

Look forward to revisiting

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