Elahi luxury Dining (on road opposite zeeshan, Jhowtala Rd, Lower Range, Park Circus, Ballygunge, Kolkata)

In a NUtshell

Very good mughlai food that did not feel heavy afterwards. Am sure sitting & eating at the restaurant would have been better – We had to do a takeaway (logistics).

Meal for 2: ₹750 onwards

Address & other details: elahi

Cuisine type : vegetarian & non vegetarian

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It seems I have lost the bill – maybe I returned it to the counter while taking my parcel.

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Short description- in case u r in a hurry

It’s been a custom for the last few years – when we go to kolkata, we check with food blogger, food writer, TV show artist & popularly known as foodka, Indrajit Lahiri – on What’s new & good in the city or what’s old & good but he has just discovered.

This time around (December 2020) when we were in kolkata, Indrajit suggested we try Elahi. We dislike takeaways & home deliveries as texture of food (except curries) diminishes in packaging, transit time etc.

However due to our tight schedule & resulting logistical challenges, we had no choice but to pick the food from restaurant.

We landed up at the restaurant in the early evening. The dining hall is in the first floor.

As we reached the first floor, we were greeted at the reception. We said we wanted to take away.

We were taken to the dining area to sit, see the menu, place the order & wait till the food is ready.

The interiors were beautiful. The seating was nice.

The ambience was very nice.

The staff was nice & warm.

Mutton biryani unpacked

The packaging was leak proof & good


Detailed description – in case u hv the time to njoy reading:

We started with full mutton shank.

It was simply Outstanding. The Meat had such a perfect texture – it was soft yet the meat strands were not falling off, the meat was falling off the bone at the slightest nudge. Yet the meat retained its texture.

Full shank – size of a dinner plate

the flavors of meat was fully celebrated in the dish. Flavors of spices did not overwhelm but they did make their presence felt.

Outstanding to taste.

Wow. Rate it 4.95/5

The burrah kabab was good but we have had much better ones in delhi NCR, multiple times. The meat was good to taste, had good flavors. It wasn’t juicy. It was soft. Rate it 3.5/5

The final dish we ordered was biryani. It was very good. I am sure it wud have been way better had we eaten it in the restaurant instead of almost 1 hour later.

We loved the independent, soft, aromatic grains of rice that had incorporated the flavors of meat & spices well. The meat itself was soft & very good to taste. Rate the biryani 4.25/5

Overall rating of food at elahi averages out to 4.3/5

Look forward to visit the restaurant & dine out there in our next visit to the city of joy.

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