Lalit mangar (foothills of aravallis, off gurgaon faridabad road).

This is a travelogue about staycation at this hotel, activities & food that we had here.

In a Nutshell:

A post lockdown enjoyable weekend break amidst pure nature, so unbelievably near from the city, no city noise, not too many vehicles, a beautiful drive around the villages in the morning, intense in-house pottery & qawalli sessions, loosening of the mind with a game of carrom, pretty much just walking around listening to chirping of birds & seeing the aravallis. Warm staff. Average to good food.

Near the entrance

Address & other details: lalit mangar

Disclaimer: All restaurants / eateries / Hotels reviewed by YUMMRAJ were visited by YUMMRAJ himself & he has paid for the full Bill & tips also. does not have even one featured / sponsored reviews. YUMMRAJ believes in going to a restaurant in anonymity, as a normal guest, experience everything & give a honest account of the same to you.

Each section of this post has headers, so that you can skip a section if that does not interest you. Here is a jist of all the sections:

1. The drive to lalit mangar from gurgaon

2. About Mangar

3. Our experience at the hotel – lalit mangar

4. Activities in & around the hotel

5. Food at the hotel – lalit mangar

The drive to lalit mangar from gurgaon

We heard mention of lalit mangar after spending 13 years in delhi NCR from prashant singh, who runs a organic food farm Khetu (among other things that he does) on the Gurgaon faridabad road.

Road to lalit mangar

He mentioned that many of his friends have started organic farming in mangar, where many farms have the aravallis as the backdrop.

Decoration at the hotel – hangout area

A quick Internet search & browsing pics, we decided to do a stay at lalit over a weekend.

Morning cuppa

On the day of travel, when I put the location on google map, I was surprised. It showed 33 minutes from our home in gurugram!!!

Walls in the rooms

Most part is the drive is thru the highway that connects gurugram & faridabad (taxi drivers refer it to pahadi wala rasta). After crossing the toll gate, we had to turn right & then started that last 4-5 minutes of the drive.

View from our hotel room balcony

Suddenly it felt as if we were few hundred kilometers from the big city. Quiet curvy road with an occasional vehicle passing by. Sound of birds. Lush green trees & shrubs on both side. At most of the stretch, the branches were covering the top & forming a ceiling.

Another view of the road to lalit mangar

This beautiful drive however lasted very less as we reached the hotel soon.

About Mangar

Mangar is located at the foothills of aravallis. The aravallis in this region, as most of you know, are low in height & has dense vegetation. As a result it’s rich in flora & fauna.

The main building

The village mangar is located between 4 hills, which folklore says, guarded the place from attacks by outsiders over the centuries & also gave a natural advantage to the people living there.

Lobby area

The village looked like a modern day village with the visuals being a mix of brick & mortar, greenery, domestic animals, farm vehicles, charpoys, hukka, etc.

The drive from the hotel to the village included a drive thru the fairly steep & curvy hill road, adequately walled in the periphery.

Quite a few people from delhi NCR have left their corporate jobs / other businesses & are running organic farms here – close to the city & pure nature, a great combination.

Our experience at the hotel – lalit mangar

Booking & check in

Booking was seemless & online. Payment was to be done during departure. I was surprised that they refused to accept Amex as a payment option. Usually small establishments do such things – not star hotels.

Hang out area

At arrival we were told about ‘mandatory’ valet parking as they need to adjust parking slots based on size of vehicle.

Decoration near the hang out area (after sunset)

The interaction at the reception was very short & efficient. We got our keys really soon.

Decoration in the hangout area (day)

The gentleman gave us a list of suggested activities in & around the hotel.

List of activities

We were transported to our room in a golf cart.

In the campus

It was during this ride that we noticed the architecture of this hotel – rammed earth technology used to build everything so that it visually also goes well with the look & feel of the village & forest around.

Rammed earth architecture

Our room

There were different kinds of rooms. We booked the ones with hill view. Yes, the aravallis were visible while sitting on the bed as well as most part of our room.

Inside our room
View from the room
Hill view

Loved the 3 sides open balcony with lattice-work look fence. It was a very good place to sit & spend some time.

Open air balcony
Open air balcony

The room we stayed in was large, nice & most importantly had a high ceiling.

Chai thela

At 4 pm we went to the chai area. Chai was being served from a cart below a tree. Quite insta friendly set up I shud say.

Chai thela

Two of the savouries served at high tea were baked in-house. Excellent.

Loved this
& these namkeens
The set up

The chai itself was watery & bad – like in most places in delhi NCR (no comparison to the strong good tea that is served on roadsides of kolkata or mumbai). I regretted wasting a cup of tea – cud not have more than a sip.

Pottery class

He taught us pottery

A gentleman from the nearby village had set up a pottery making classes next to the tea cart. There were village charpoys kept in front of that set up.

Pottery class set up, charpoys to sit on

We picked up our tea & snacks, sat on the charpoy & watched him skilfully make earthen vessels. He explained why he was using mud from a particular place in the village – how the mud had great binding properties.

Love the look of that tree

We also tried to learn from him. He patiently taught us & guided us in this fun journey. Here is what I made with his guidance. He offered to correct the imbalances & make it perfect but I wanted it to be how I made it – imperfect. Later at home I fired it on a gas stove. Partially worked. Have to do properly in a pit.

Pot made by me with his guidance

He also gave us the final product we made.

Indoor games

In one of the rooms near the lobby there was set up for playing indoor games. We enjoyed few games of carrom after a long while.

Near chai area

The extra large chess set was occupied by a large family. So we were unable to access it.

There was a pool table & also option to play badminton.

Walking in the campus during sunset

A view of the property & its surroundings

We walked around in loops inside the wall campus of the hotel & clicked pictures. The aravallis were seen on two sides while we were walking.

Walking alleys
After sunset
Getting dark
Pottery light
Hill view while walking
Electric fencing to keep off occasional wild animals
Fence & the sky
Interesting fans in all places in the property

There was constant chirping of different kinds of birds as we walked.

As we walked around ….

Live Qawalli & folk music

Singers from the nearby village had come to sing folk music & qawalli in the evening . The rustic voice of the singers, the raw sound of (non electronically adjusted) musical instruments, the sudden highs & lows – all that was magical. In today’s day it’s rare to find a real music session in the open, with jot much of sound engineering.

Folk song & qawalli session

We really enjoyed the songs

Star gazing

This was interesting – on one of the highest common area spots in the campus, equipment for star gazing was set up. A gentleman was present there to guide guests.

Star gazing set up

Unfortunately the sky was cloudy in all directions on that particular evening. So it was not possible to see anything till the set up was there – 10 pm.

Activities in & around the hotel

Camel ride

There was an option of Camel ride in the village (starting from hotel). We did not go for it. The camel was beautifully decked up.

Camel ride


It’s a great place to cycle around – less traffic, greenery on both sides, roads with moderate slope (to test one’s own limits) etc.

Visit to jewellery museum

In the main village there is a home stay which also has a jewellery museum. We drove till there but it was shut.

Rock climbing

About 5 km of driving thru village roads & greenery on both sides, often with the aravallis as the background, we reached the rock climbing spot. It being a Sunday morning , many people were taking rock climbing classes.

random driving around the village

We drove past it & randomly drove around in the village at low speed, letting local vehicles overtake us.

A farm

We stopped at places to click pictures.

Another farm

We noticed some kind of a movement in a tree & drove near the tree. We pulled down the glass & we heard a chorus of bird chirping & then we spotted may be a hundred Weaver birds busy in miscellaneous activities, who had built nests on the tree.

Weaver birds

Food at the hotel – lalit mangar

In the evening, we asked for Fruit platter – it had a wide choice of good quality fruits. Rate it 4/5

Dining hall
Table, mat, plate
No wastage policy
Buffet counter
A la carte menu


We ordered chicken tikka as a starter.

Green Chutney was potent, no nonsense, had strong flavors of pudina & green chillies. It was Slightly hot.

Green Chutney

Excellent, in one word. Rate it 4.5/5

Papad was also served as we waited for the tikka. The papad was super thin & relatively neutral so that taste of food that comes after papad does not get disturbed due to aftertaste.

As we waited, we were offered some salads from the buffet. Both were very good. Rate them 4/5.

Salad 1
Salad 2
Salad 3

The Chicken tikka was outstanding – super soft , juicy, just the right balance of sour & salt , the tikkas were charred in the corners & had crisp edges. rate it 4.5/5

Chicken tikka
Chicken tikka
Chicken tikka
Chicken tikka

Papad ki subzi was less on salt. When we added salt, the subzi turned out to be very good. It was very smooth. Slightly less smooth wud have given a texture that wud have been fun. The dish had methi saag & Palak mashed & cooked with papad. The papad was almost lost with the flavors of the saag. Methi made the dish a tiny bit bitter (enjoyable). rate the dish 4/5 after salt & ‘as it is’ rate it 3.5/5

Papad ki Subzi
Papad ki Subzi

Chowke wali daal (arhar) was excellent. The texture of daal was very enjoyable & flavors of the daal was very good (jeera & sliced green chillys added to flavor & texture). Rate it 4.5/5

Chowke wali daal
Chowke wali daal

We ordered Gulab jamun for dessert. It was fluffier than what the dough shud hv been – so more ras entered thru the extra pores & made the gulab jamun ‘over-sweet’. The usual balancing of gulab jamun (sweet with a tinge of salt) did not happen in this case. The sweet this turned out to be average. Rate it 2/5.

Gulab jamun


A reasonably large buffet was laid out – but filed with very average tasting food

We tried little bit of many things. They were mostly bad to average.

Highlighting 3 items from the long list below –

Idli sambar Chutney

Idli sambar Chutney

Vada was good to taste & crisp. Rate it 3/5


The Chutney did not have any good flavor or taste. It was bland. Rate it 2/5

The idli was hard & wud make a sound it it were to fall from the hand to the ground (exaggeration, pun intended). Rate it 1/5

Sambar was average – made probably with packed masalas. Rate it 2/5



Masala omelet was neither chatpata like indians like, nor was it soft, runny & juicy like non Indian guests like. The masala omelet was bland, hard (over cooked) & just a stomach filler. Rate it 2/5

Masala omelet

Plain omelet made with butter (with repeated requests to keep the center soft) was slightly better but still the omelet was firm. Rate it 2.5/5

Plain omelet with green chillies

Chholay bhature – it was a good, crisp poori I wud say but not a bhatura. No fermented flavors that a good bhature shud have. The chholay was a bad recipe – so bland & so over cooked chholay that it was fit for children & firangs. Not adult indians. If Sita team Dewan chand chholey bhature is 4.5/5, this one was 2/5.

Chholay bhature
Chholay bhature

Overall rating of food at lalit mangar averages out to 3.3/5

Must say that the a la carte was way better than buffet. North Indian food was better in general. Either South Indian chef was on leave or they don’t have a good South Indian chef.

Overall – recommended by YUMMRAJ for a short weekend trip when u get bored of hardcore city life & want to travel but do not have much time in hand.

Good for small parties with friends, corporate events.

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  1. This post both Is utterly disrespectful to your readers and shameful for you as a foodie. Why on earth would someone eat food at Lalit and then have the gall to rate it for your readers.

    the Lalit hotels just exist. Nothing is special about them

  2. It’s really funny how PPL want to spend weekend s from corporate dey want to enjoy rustic village life but vid 5star comforts ….it wud ve been more exciting if dey spend a day vid local farmer of manger or any village(dere r 5 villages on fbd Gurgaon road) worked in fields ,enjoyed real rustic day today food of chatni roti (straight from chulha) nd makkhan chach etc. Apart from weaver bird dere r so mny peacock s, kingfisher etc birds dere

  3. Please promise never ever to visit these food whorehouses like Lalit. Keep up the good work – need stuff like Pice hotel, Manzilats, Taj Pashangarh, Auroville, Tassalibaqsh

    You blog is a piece of art. Dont bastardise it, dont pollute it with these budgets staycations in these 3 star characterless hotels

    1. Thanks papon. I hv mentioned that food was ok. This was more like a weekend outing. Watch out for more interesting stuff coming up

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