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Outstanding, lip smacking Kerala lunch, catered by prima kurien – we were pleasantly surprised to find that the gentleman who came to deliver, offered to heat, set up the lunch , finish some of the dishes & feed us fresh appams for lunch. What an experience!!!! Wah.

The spread
Side view

Best Kerala food in delhi NCR in my knowledge as of this day ….

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Address & other details: prima kurien

Instagram : prima kurien

Facebook: prima kurien

Cuisine type : vegetarian & non vegetarian

Meal for 2: ₹1500 onwards

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Short description- in case u r in a hurry

We had first eaten food by Prima kurien, about a decade back, when she had taken up a food stall at Dastkar haat, an ace traditional art & crafts market at Andheria more, chattarpur, near mehrauli, Delhi. We loved it that time.

Last year we loved a unique onam pop up by her & Pritha sen – onam pronam. Needless to say the food was outstanding. Read the full review here – onam pronam.

Since then we have been thinking of buying a meal but due to pandemic there were no big groups of guests coming in. For two people, a tailor made catering quantity food becomes too much.

So this time when we had siblings come over during the diwali weekend, we thought this was an apt opportunity.

The spread

The food order was placed thru WhatsApp. Ms. Kurien suggested a few items, which we wud not have ordered otherwise. So happy in hindsight that we ordered those – chicken, papaya.

From delhi to gurugram there was a labour & transport charge charge of ₹1700. We did not ask but assumed that it will be two ways fare for taxi & overall service charge for packaging , handling etc.

On the day of the lunch, a gentleman arrived – Mr. Bhagat. We thought he had come to deliver the food. But we were surprised to see some cooking equipment with him.

He said he has come to do final preps to the food, serve it in our utensils on the lunch table & to make fresh appams & serve them one by one, during the lunch!!!

Well, now we realized that the labour & transport charge included this. This seemed super interesting.

Bhagat took over the kitchen for about 30 minutes. He asked us time when we want to have lunch. He got everything ready & served them at the right time.

Bhagat busy in our kitchen

Then the magic started. He started making appams. Before he did, he asked – do u want dilli style appams or Kerala style. I said ‘of course Kerala style. BTW what is dilli style.?’

Bhagat making appams

Bhagat said that the thickness of appam at the base is not liked by many of his customers in delhi. They ask for a thin base.

Our guests & we absolutely loved the meal. Of course some were loved more than others.

Detailed description – in case u hv the time to njoy reading:

Below is a price calculation received on WhatsApp- for your reference.

Prawn and raw mango curry – 2= 1700

Mutton oolarthiath – 2= 1700

Chicken stew – 2= 1700

Raw papaya curry -1.5= 562

Avial – 1.5=562

Beans thoran – 1.5= 562

Steamed kerala rice – 2=400

Appams.= 15=675.00

Labor and transport = 1750.00

Total 9611.00

Appams, freshly made, with thick base & lovely batter were pure joy. Rate it 4.75/5

Freshly made appam with thick center

Steamed kerala rice was the other staple we had. Perfectly cooked.

Steamed kerala rice

Beans thoran had French beans cooked in spices & grated coconut. The French beans retained their crunchy texture. The coconut added flavor & so did the minimal spices. Rate it 4.5/5

Beans thoran
Beans thoran

Avial was awesome. Creamy semi-thick gravy & crunchy vegetables. Flavor of spices were the only flavors. Seasoning was perfect. Rate it 4.5/5


Raw papaya curry was unbelievably good. Two of my guests who would otherwise wage a war of served papaya, actually took second helpings!!!! The texture was enjoyable & overall it was a very refreshing dish. Never had a papaya curry so good. Rate it 4.75/5

Raw papaya curry

Chicken stew was the first to finish off till the last drop. Perfectly cooked chicken, a medium thick gravy that incorporated the flavors of chicken & spices very well, perfect seasoning. Everything was just too good. Rate it 4.95/5

Chicken stew
Chicken stew
Chicken stew

Mutton oolarthiath was very good to taste but very high on chilly. Just us – we always like to keep the chilly quotient same as it is traditionally was in that dish. So we have a wide range of acceptance when it comes to chilly.

Mutton oolarthiath
Mutton oolarthiath

Our guests however had a tough time managing the chilly.

The mutton curry was hot, spice heavy (could feel a lot of spices), had perfect seasoning & yet very good to taste. The mutton pieces were very soft & good to taste. Rate the oolarthiath 4/5

Prawn and raw mango curry was the second to finish off till the last drop. Raw mango not only added to the tart quotient of the gravy but also gave it a beautiful flavor. Prawns were perfectly cooked (that’s a big skill – to keep prawns non chewy in an Indian gravy) – I wonder where to get such fresh prawns in delhi NCR. Rate it 4.75/5

Prawn and raw mango curry
Prawn and raw mango curry

Overall rating of food from prima kurien averages out to 4.6/5

Needless to say we are already excited to eat this food again, in 2022…. & beyond.

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