Marwadi khana (home chef gurugram)

In a nutshell:

Outstanding home made gujias that had thin crisp shells, the right amount of sweetness, the flavour of good ghee, every bite was a medley of textures. Loved both the platters we ordered – one snacky, one lunch.

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The food in general was really good – it seemed to be made in volume & i guess if cooked in small batches (like home) it would have been even better.

The packaging of sweets

Address & other details: Marwadi khana

Meal for 2: ₹500 onwards

Cuisine type : vegetarian

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Short description- in case u r in a hurry

We got to know about home chef abhilasha jain (Marwadi khana) from the social media. This was topped by a good amount of recommendation by chef Ashish Bhasin, executive chef leela gurugram.

An example of Instagram post

The Instagram posts of Marwadi khana are really good to watch. They have videos, pictures & a good amount of written content that talks about the vm community & the culinary culture.

We got a few Instagram messages from Marwadi khana as invitation to sample their food but we said this –

Our reply

This is actually our standard reply to all the generous invites that we get from all restaurants & home chefs.

chaat platter
lunch platter

Close to holi this year we saw advertisements of the holi offering of Marwadi khana. That looked fab. So we decided to order it at a friend’s place.

The ordering process:

The customer has to Fill the form to book his/her order

The terms & conditions mentioned were:

*We are accepting orders for min 2pax*

*We will send our deliveries asap but due to festive rush and non availability of delivery guys it might be delayed, kindly bear with us*

*Gujiyas are also available*

*Delivery charges for Holi Day from gurgaon to Gurgaon is Rs 150*

The concept was quite difficult to understand. How much does one pax eat? How to calculate how many dishes to order. Generally restaurants say ‘per plate / per dish’. Here it was ‘pax’.

Also, I was surprised that it was mandatory to order for 2 pax – if one person wants to order, why is he/ she forced to buy food for two? Logically the courier & packaging charge will be more for one pack compared to multiple. So just paying the extra courier & packaging should work – I thought.

So we got other friends to join us too. Finally 5 of us finished ‘2 pax’!!! Great we did not order more ‘pax’!!!


Rest of the interaction related to food delivery & time was very good.

We were very impressed with the packaging

Outer layer
Food box
Our boxes

Food was really good.

Detailed description – in case u hv the time to njoy reading:


Home made gujias came in 4 varieties. Each was unique & different from each other. This is a summary of the assorted gujiyas:

Love the filling so much

Thin crisp shells

Right amount of sweet

Flavour of good ghee

Medley of textures

Rate the assorted gujiyas 4.5/5


Chaat Special Menu

Samosas & kachori

-Kadi Kachori Chaat

The kadhi was very balanced in terms of taste – sweet/salt/ sour. The kachoris were great to taste as it is. The filling was way more robust in terms of quantity, flavours & also taste, as compared to the mass market leaders bikanervala & Haldiram’s.

The kachori outer layer turned out to be perfectly crisp.


The combination turned out very good. Rate this 4.5/5


-Cholle Samosa Chaat

Once again, excellent samose that paired very well with the intense, robust chholey. Rate it 4.5/5


-Dahi Bada was very enjoyable. The bada was soft & really nice. It was not too porous & not hard in the center. The sides held back well. Balance if dahi was excellent. Rate it 4.5/5


-Bedmi Puri with Aloo Subji. Loved this combo. Special mention to the flavourful aloo subzi. I was also amazed that the puri was very good to taste after almost 2 hours of it being fried. Rate this 4.75/5

Bedmi Puri with Aloo Subji
Bedmi Puri with Aloo Subji

-Holi Special Gujiya was also a part of the pack.

-Moti Boondi Laddu was not too sweet & had ghee flavours. Incidentally we have had better. This one was very good. Rate it 4/5

Moti Boondi Laddu

-Green Chatni was flavourful & nice. So was the Sauth. Add ons to spice up the chaats.

Special Food Menu

-Marwadi Cholle was quite different from the chholey with samosa. This one had a thinner gravy & was lighter on the palate. It was high on flavour of spices. Rate it 4.25/5

Marwadi chholay

-Gobind Gatte was excellent- perfect texture. Everything just right. Loved the gravy too. Rate it 4.5/5

Gobind Gatte
Gobind Gatte

-3M-Mawa Matar Makhana Sabji was just too good. It was different & new for us. Absolutely bowled over. Rate it 4.95/5

Mawa Matar Makhana Sabji

-Kairi Ki Launji was nice to eat.

-Jeera Rice was good. Rate it 3/5.

-Namak Ajwain Paratha was excellent. Super soft, perfect to taste. Rate it 4.5/5

-Boondi Laddu – we got the same Moti boondi laddu here, mentioned boondi laddu.

-this platter also had Holi Special Gujiya.

Overall rating averages out to 4.35/5

Look forward to trying many more dishes from Marwadi khana in future.

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