Farid fish corner (chitli qabar, Jama Masjid area, delhi)

In a nutshell:

Lovely fried fish served straight from the wok, piping hot

The fish stall

Address & other details: Farid fish

Meal for 2: ₹200 onwards

Cuisine type : non vegetarian

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We have been going to Chandni Chowk & Jama Masjid area to eat street food, for little short of 20 years now. Read about our earlier visits here – eating out at Chandni Chowk, chawri bazar & Jama Masjid area (more than a hundred thousand people have read that post so far).

We have had kababs from babu bhai kabab wale at chitli qabar but do not remember eating at Farid fish.

This year, during Ramadan 2022, our friend, Mr. Ashok Mathur (a resident of nayi sadak, purani dilli & an expert on all aspects of Shahjahanabad- purani dilli), took us out for a food walk. We got to explore things with him that are beyond the obvious & he took us to places that we have never been.

Ramzan food walk

Farid fish was one of them.

This stall is just next to babu bhai.

The shop is a hole in the wall. The sign board is very prominent.

Below the signboard sits the gentleman who runs the shop.

There is raw fish kept on his left , a large tray in front of him & to his right is the stove & kadhai where he fries the fish.

The fish is fried on order. He makes some & keeps on display though.

Large tray on which he keeps the just fried fish & then serves it when it is edible temperature

The fish fry tasted very good. Perfect balance of taste. The surmai fry was juicy & flaky.

Street view

The outer layer had become crisp

The most interesting part of this fish fry as compared to the Punjabi delhi variety, is that the fry was Subtle in terms of flavours of spices. This fry celebrated the flavours of the surmai fish more.

Fish & Chutney

What made the experience Chatpata was the accompanying chutney.

Fish & Chutney

Loved the fry as it is & also with the Chutney that had a good amount of dhania in it.

Close up of fish fry

Rate it 4.5/5

Would love to go back in the winters to have more of this.

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