Sohan sweets, radhe Lal halwai (3034 masjid khajoor, behind Jama Masjid, Dharampura, Kinari Bazar, purani dilli, delhi)

In a nutshell:

An old shop with a renovated facade that serves elongated gulab jamuns that are so addictive that 2 people finished 15-20 pieces in one box, in 24 hours!!! One of them does not like sweets in general.

The shop

Address & other details: Sohan sweets

Meal for 2: ₹100 onwards

Cuisine type : vegetarian

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Paid in cash. No bill.

Short description- in case u r in a hurry

Our young friend shubhra stays in a beautiful century plus old haveli near nayi sadak purani dilli. Her parents Ashok ji & Sangeeta ji are also very good friends of ours – we always enjoy conversations.

When shubhra came home few months back, she brought with her a box of what we jokingly call ‘afeem’ – a box of unputdownable, addictive long gulab jamuns from Sohan sweets.

It was so addictive that we 2 people at home finished I guess 15-20 in one box, in 24 hours!!! Someone who doesn’t usually like sweets ate one of these gulab jamuns in between home workout reps!!!

On a later day we visited shubhra’s house & they took us to the shop. It was a small sho in a niche along a lane behind Jama Masjid.

The shop was old but looked pretty well maintained & clean.

The signage was surely new.

We had many things to do that evening. So we settled for matar Samosa & gulab jamun

Iftar at Jama Masjid

Loved the Samosa to the core.

Detailed description – in case u hv the time to njoy reading:

The gulab jamun looked like any other similar sweet. It reminded me of lyangcha of kolkata visually.

At home
At the shop

The magic of the gulab jamun lied in –

1. It was Not too sweet

2. Loved the Tinge of salt in the sweet that brought about a good balance

3. Dry ish texture – ras had entered but not much, due to the dense texture.

4. The sweet was not at all fluffy.

Rate it 4.75/5

The matar Samosa was just too good. Perfectly khasta , flaky outer cover. Balanced seasoning in the matar filling. Perfect texture of matar – not hard, not too soft to lose texture.

Rate it 4.5/5

Overall rating of food we had at Sohan sweets averages out to 4.6/5

A must visit, says YUMMRAJ.

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