Aishwarya fort (Maniyur, Off National Highway flyover, Chitradurga, Karnataka)

In a nutshell: A large spread out restaurant with veg section, non veg section, family section, general section etc , has  fast & efficient service, serves good food in general & outstanding desi chicken curry in particular. Address & other details:  Aishwarya Fort Meal for 2: Rs. 300 onwards Cuisine type : Vegetarian & nonvegetarian Disclaimer: All restaurants / eateries reviewed by YUMMRAJ were visited by YUMMRAJ himself … Continue reading Aishwarya fort (Maniyur, Off National Highway flyover, Chitradurga, Karnataka)

Sheesha Sky Lounge (C21 Mall, Vijaynagar , Indore)

In a nutshell:

Cool hangout place with friends & family, good food in general topped up with some real masterpieces.

Address & other details: Sky Lounge

Sheesha Sky Lounge

Cuisine type: Vegetarian & Nonvegetarian

Meal for 2: Rs. 500 onwards

Short description – In case u r in a hurry:

The first time I went to this place I was super impressed. I was pleasantly surprised again on my second visit as well.

A part of the interiors of this Lounge is for obvious reasons, in lounge style with sofas etc in Indian detailing. On another side there are few open cubicles with interesting seating in which a group of five to ten can easily sit around a table & talk to each other face to face while enjoying the food & beverages. There is normal restaurant seating in another section as well.

The first time we went to the restaurant, it was 7.00 pm. The place was quite empty for almost an hour & looked spacious. The second occasion we reached at about 9.00 pm. The place was jam packed & fully alive. Liked both the occasions. Love the lamp shades here as that dramatically livens up the otherwise brown, beige & white interiors.

the cool lamp shades at Sheesha Sky lounge

The waiting staff is quite warm & knowledgeable. Service is reasonably in time. Not too fast , not too late. Both the occasions I found that the ‘order’ in which we ordered the food was followed.

The menu card is very tastefully done.

The menu card

The food is good. There are sure instances of trying to do some things differently. Some of the food I found to be outstanding.

Sheesha was not served due to the new Government regulation.

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Chatori Gali, Bhopal – Street food

In a nutshell:

Utopia for meat lovers , this gali (street) is full of tiny shops selling fish & meat dishes with strong & rustic flavors & taste at prices that u wud have heard ur grandfather talk about.

chatori gali - the lane

Address & other details: Just get into an autorickshaw & ask for Chatori Gali. U will b transported there. It seemed as easy as asking any public transport driver in Agra to take u to Taj Mahal !!!!

There is a small parking that can accomodate 10 – 12 cars just opposite Chatori Gali – In case u prefer to take a car.

Meal for 2: Rs. 70 onwards

prices so low that even ur Grandfather wud compare with his college days.

Cuisine Type: Nonvegetarian

Short Description – In case u r in a hurry:

This place is just a road on which there are small shops on both sides that sell YUMM meat & fish products at very low price & high volumes. Everything here is very chatpata in taste – rustic, robust.

first shop in the corner - Chatori Gali

For those of u who go by the hygiene displayed by the Restaurant / the shop, u will b disappointed. Its different that in the kitchen of many (not all) Restaurants, it is not very neat & clean – the only difference is that u do not get to see that.

For those of u who r frightened to eat fried food or food with fat in them, this is not the right place. BUT, if u r one of those who believe in pampering ur tastebuds & then work out harder to burn those extra calories, then this is the place.

the corner shop with a rotating chicken roasting machine

The people at the counters are quite friendly & ‘to the point’. But as I always say, they do not undergo modern day ‘Retail Management Training ‘ that preaches ‘Customer is the King’ etc. So they behave with u in a one to one basis & treat u as another person they r dealing with & not a ‘Customer’. So if u r friendly, that is reciprocated & vice versa.

Marinated meats & fishes are displayed in front of u & are made on request right in front of u. So there is almost nothing that is made & stored.

marinated miscellaneous meats

I was surprised to see that one shop had an automated rotating Chicken Roasting machine too.

I had one of the best ever Hamburgers (pao Kabab) in this place, a very unique & enjoyable paaya soup, good sheekh kababs, outstanding beef kababs,

the finger licking good beef kababs

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