Mediterra (Sayaji Hotel, Vijaynagar, Indore)

In a nutshell:

Pretty interesting food & nice decor with some masterpieces.

line up of dips at Mediterra

Address & other details: Mediterra

Meal for 2: Rs. 2000 onwards

Cuisine Type: Vegetarian & Nonvegetarian

Short Description – In case u r in a hurry:

Situated on the top floor of Sayaji Hotel, the restaurant gives a bird’s eye view of the city. It is open air & has natural heaters – wood-fire pits for cold winer evenings.

When my friend suggested that we go for Mediterranean food, I asked ‘Is the environment noisy or we can sit & talk? We finally decided to go here – Food was not my agenda as we needed to discuss something important. I had low expectations from a Mediterranean Restaurant at Indore – with the background that even in a ‘full of restaurants’ city like Delhi, it is difficult to find outstanding Mediterranean food.

The starter platter was quite ordinary, the prawns in arabian spices was mind blowing good, so was tehlamb rack, vegetarian phyllo wrap was very good & the Marinated Cottage cheese with stuffing of parmesan & sundried tomato was quite interesting.

Detailed Description – In case u have the time to enjoy reading:

Before the meal arrived, we were served a platter that was on the house – all looked good but turned out to be very ordinary. Dip made with Belle pepper paste, a hung curd & grated cucumber that tasted exactly like hung curd & grated cucumber!!!! A paste made out of aubergines & herbs (similar to baingan ka bharta) & hummus – look forward to a Hummus recipe that u can make at home & it will taste much better than this – coming up soon on yummraj.

the starter platter that is served 'on the house'

The ensemble also had golden fried garlic in olive oil, sun dried tomato in olive oil & some excellent breads of different shapes & sizes. Only the plain bun kind of bread was bad – not soft, not warm & almost tasteless. In fact it is so hard that if it falls from the table, u might hear a thud as well!!!

ensemble of breads

For starters came Rubyan Mashawi prawns – marinated in Arabian spices. This was the first instance when I started taking the place eriously. That feeling increased with every bite – soft, tasty prawns marinated in Arabian spices & herbs. The sauce had a buttery texture & with every bite the prawns were bursting with flavors & juices inside the mouth…………..Magical. The plate was wiped off till the last drop.

the outstanding tasty prawns

Post this sudden unexpected experience, I requested the Serving staff to suggest something between a lamb rack & a grilled salmon. I said ‘After such a great experience the next dish should be as good or better. He did not want to take a risk & hence the Chef was there with us. He suggested the lamb Rack.

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Winter evening Barbeque with Indian style tangy Green Marination:

…………. for the CHEF in u

Contributed by YUMMRAJ’s favourite chef ANONYMOUS

Bored with the orange tandoori masala & yearning for more? ………. & that also at a time when the weather is just about appropriate for barbeque?

So read on…………………

While u can buy the tandoori masala from the market for making tandoori kababs, here I will b telling how u can create an interesting marinade that can b used for paneer or fish or chicken – as per ur preferences.

Choose fresh dhania (corainder) & pudina (mint) leaves, about 2 big bunches each. Wash these thoroughly to ensure that all dust & dirt have been terminated. Put the leaves with 4-5 big fat cloves of garlic & green chillies (to ur taste) in a blender jar.

thoroughly cleaned & unstemmed fresh pudina & dhania leaves

Even if I do not tell u, I am sure u will add salt to taste.

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