Kolkata Egg Roll

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egg roll

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Kolkata Egg rolls are different from Mumbai’s Frankies, Delhi’s rumali roti based rolls, South American Tortilla wraps & Mediterranean Shwarmas. The difference is that the ubiquitous egg roll is paratha based instead of maida roti based. Kolkata rolls also have two major types – the handcarts that we see all over the town vs. the traditional Muslim eateries. The rolls in handcarts have a thin oil fried paratha whereas in the traditional Muslim eateries like Zeeshan or Nizams, the rolls are made with thick layered parathas that are fried in ghee / dalda.

Welcome to my take on the ever popular egg roll that is inspired in parts from both the above-mentioned varieties of Kolkata egg rolls.

For the filling, add tomato chili sauce & mustard sauce (Kasundi) to a bowl of two freshly chopped onions & finely chopped Green Chillies.

ingredients for the filling

Add salt & half a tea spoon of Chaat masala, mix well & adjust seasoning. Keep aside.

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