Kolkata Egg Roll

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egg roll

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Kolkata Egg rolls are different from Mumbai’s Frankies, Delhi’s rumali roti based rolls, South American Tortilla wraps & Mediterranean Shwarmas. The difference is that the ubiquitous egg roll is paratha based instead of maida roti based. Kolkata rolls also have two major types – the handcarts that we see all over the town vs. the traditional Muslim eateries. The rolls in handcarts have a thin oil fried paratha whereas in the traditional Muslim eateries like Zeeshan or Nizams, the rolls are made with thick layered parathas that are fried in ghee / dalda.

Welcome to my take on the ever popular egg roll that is inspired in parts from both the above-mentioned varieties of Kolkata egg rolls.

For the filling, add tomato chili sauce & mustard sauce (Kasundi) to a bowl of two freshly chopped onions & finely chopped Green Chillies.

ingredients for the filling

Add salt & half a tea spoon of Chaat masala, mix well & adjust seasoning. Keep aside.

the filling within

For the parathas, add salt & 2 table spoon of vegetable oil (or ghee) to 250g of refined flour (maida). Mix well & knead it to stiff dough – use lukewarm water to knead.

For the parathas, take a ball of the dough, round it & flatten it. Apply ghee to the surface & roll it back to a cylinder like shape as shown in the picture below.

Roll post applying ghee

Roll the cylinder shaped dough into a round diskette

the diskette described above

flatten it again with a rolling pin. Cook the paratha on both sides on medium flame until little round brown spots appear. Remove the paratha & keep aside.

Whisk 2 eggs & salt with a fork (do not use egg beater or electric hand mixer). Manual egg beating retains the taste of the egg better. Heat oil on a frying pan & pour the beaten egg into it.

pour the eggs on the tawa

Immediately place the cooked paratha on top of the egg as in the picture.

place the paratha on th egg immediately

Let the egg set well.

letting the egg set on the paratha

Flip the paratha & fry it with oil or ghee.

place the filling on the egg roll

The egg roll is ready to be assembled. Place it on a plate, put the prepared filling & roll the paratha. Wrap it with paper for ease of holding. Take a bite & enjoy the standing ovation from ur tastebuds.

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      1. Thank you for showing interest in the rolls though i’d like to correct my last message, ours is a home delivery & take away joint , we don’t have dine in facility as yet.

  1. this is what hnaeeppd when i got your post in my inbox-My mouth fell. Drooled maybe.I double clicked on the picture. I fell off my chair (kinda).I called my friend who lives two miles away. I ordered her to look at your post. And come to my house with some egg roll wrappers.Soon enough…. our house was filled with this DELICIOUS SMELL MMMMeven though i'm a new subscriber to your website, this is so freaking awesome. thanks for everything! ellen 😀

  2. awesome share man!! please share some more street food home made recipe with us! love the blog and your effort!! keep up!!

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