Bikanervala (sector 29, Gurgaon)

In a nutshell :

Pretty Good north indian vegetarian cuisine – jack of all trades masters of none.

Address & Company website: Bikanervala

Cuisine type: Vegetarian

Food for 2 – Rs. 200 onwards

Short Description – In case u r in a hurry:

This is one of the largest eateries in Gurgaon in terms of sheer size. It’s a very good place to happily eat out at low cost & buy sweets as well. I would not say that any of the food available is the ‘best I have ever had’ but almost all are good & surely much better than average. To list a few,poori subzi for breakfast, Ghar wali thali, Speciality Thali, Paneer tikka, Aloo tikki, tandoori platter, pao bhaji, kali daal, Jalebis, select bengali sweets, motichur ke laddoo, kalakand are some of the best that u get in Gurgaon. However, as I mentioned, I have had better in some or the other place (specialists).

They also serve Chindian (Indian version of Chinese food which the Chinese National have never heard about e.g. Veg Manchurian etc), South Indian, Bakery items (bekaar eee) & a lot of good bhujias in pre packs that u can buy over the counter.

Detailed Description – In case u have time to enjoy the read:

They serve a good poori-subzi- halwa-lassi breakfast – good for an inexpensive lazy late breakfast on Sunday after a late Saturday night .

Poori subzi

For Lunch they serves 2 – 3 types of good north Indian thalis & many ala carte options for heavy meals. Notable is the ghar ki thali which has phulkas (like u have rotis at home) & the deluxe thali is very good as well.One of the curries in orange colored gravy (usually paneer curry) is very tomatoeeeee. Rest r good.

Enjoy very excellent  Sarson da saag only in winters – saag (leaves) of mustard plant………… a local delicacy. 

sarson da saag served with a big dollop of white buttermakke ki roti

Sarson da saag as u know is served with Makke ki roti – corn

makke di roti

For the evening – The namkeen & snacks list is also exhaustive & good. We love the tandoori platter, the paneer pakora,  soft, supple, spiced up Tandoori Paneer tikka, dhoklas, fresh jalebis, pao bhaji etc.

Tandoori Paneer Tikka

The motichoor ke laddu (the one with the highest price) is one of the best ladoos I had in Gurgaon – It is soft & juicy & just melts in mouth & the sweetness is optimum. The Kalakand (not the diabetic version) is super good as well – it is difficult to jold it in one piece in the hand, very soft, grainy, creamy, bursts with rich taste & flavor once in the mouth. If u r lucky, u may get freshly made Imarti.

Freshly made imarti

In summers they serve a cool mango kulfi in which a kulfi is set inside a whole mango (in the hollow created after the seed of the mango is removed). Round the year u can have the Kulfi falooda or Rabri falooda – both r quite good but nothing as compared to Kuremal Kufiwale in Chawri Bazar & Gianis in Chandni Chowk respectively. For more info on food in Old Delhi, pls visit my blog on Chandni Chowk Old Delhi.

The ganne ka ras served with lemon, mint & ginger is a sure shot refresher & simply superb. These r added in between the sugarcane sticks at the time of crushing itself & hence the taste & flavors of all these ingredients intermingle well.

Enjoy freshly made  Jalebis (u acn see the full process thru the glass Kitchen) – crisp & nice

crisp n nice jalebis at Bikanervala

There is a bengali sweet counter as well which has a few good sweets like Gur rasmalai, Mishti doi, Gur sandesh etc but the Rasgullas are so bad that on two occasions I tried them, I could feel the ras (tears) coming out of my eyes.

Overall – A coolplace to go for a smallbite / when there are a lot of guests / during those ‘currency crisis’ periods / a good vegetarian meal .in a decent ambience

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  1. For a lazy Sunday breakfast – Poori subzi is something Deep (my better half) and I absolutely enjoy, and not to forget the parathas and the chole bhature 🙂 The gol gappas are super and the snacks like mathri and namak paare are brilliant. I also enjoy the assortment of sweets avaialble at Bikanerwala.

    1. We find the breakfast at Bikanerwala to be better than that at OM sweets. thought I find Om 2 b the master of any Chholey.:) Try that if u havent.

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