Tonino (Opp 1 MG Road, Between Chhatarpur & Sultanpur Metro stations New Delhi)

In a nutshell:

Romantic restaurant with excellent ambience & service, serves very good food but not the best in the category.

Address & other details : Tonino

Cuisine Type : Vegetarian & Nonvegetarian

Meal for 2: Rs. 3000 onwards (similar spread as described below) Beverages extra

Short DescriptionIn case u r in a hurry:

Before the food is served, came the breads & a tiny bowl of dark green ‘Olive pesto’……. Simply awesome. For starters we had fairly good calamari aglio. Then came the super thin crust signature Pizza – Provencale (vegetarian) baked on woodfire in a stone oven that u can see in one corner of the Dining Room of the Restaurant. Very good Pizza I must say, especially after we topped it up with some lamb salami, homemade red chilli flakes & oregano. The Grilled sole in Olive oil was good but have had better elsewhere. The Chocolate Lasagna dessert was again excellent with layers of not too sweet chocolate (with a slight hint of salt) amidst a non-fluffy chocolate cake, topped with Vanilla flavored ice cream. Loved the experience overall – Tastes r great but cud have been even better – prices r on the higher side.

Detailed DescriptionIn case u have time to enjoy reading:

The starter had a really long name – Calamari aglio e olio pepperoncino – It was a finger-licking good dish of squid (also called Calamari) with olive oil, garlic & red chillies. Excellent taste overall but the squids were bit chewy – not as soft & almost melt in the mouth as the ones served in the sea food platter at Britto’s in Baga beach, goa (Britto’s Squids r the best I have ever had). Had a pleasant aftertaste …… flavorful, mildly hot & tangy.

The Provencale pizza was a super thin crust VEGETARIAN Pizza with toppings of tomato, mushroom, tri peppers & mozzarella. We added smoked cheese & lamb salami as extras. While oregano was good, the Chilli flakes were outstanding…full of flavor & also taste… We asked & found the answer – The Chef & team dry the chillies themselves instead of buying dry chillies from the market.

Wood fired Stone oven for making pizzas

Overall very nice pizza but after much debate in the brain I conclude that the Primavera Pizza with pepperoni topping at Spagetti Kitchen is shades better than this. The ones at Hilton , Shankar Chowk , Gurgaon are surely better.

Provencale pizza

We were very pleasantly surprised at the interactions with the very knowledgeable staff. They were readily offering extras & also suggestions – ‘I wud suggest that u do not mix up A & B coz they do not go well together’ …… and so on. Water was being refilled often & the guys were really paying attention without being intrusive.

Grilled sole in olive oil was served with grilled veggies, some excellent olives & blanched spinach stir fried with garlic. Was good but I have surely had better. The fish seemed to be a bit dry.

The Chocolate Lasagna had layers of rich chocolate amidst a soft, non-fluffy , rich cake. This was served with vanilla flavored ice cream – wud have been much better if it were the real vanilla ice cream.

Chocolate Lasagna with vanilla flavored ice cream

Overall – Was an outstanding experience.

Prices r surely on the higher side if u talk just about the quality of food & the taste.

We paid Rs. 10 (there was option not to pay) for PETA to stop cruely to animals!!!!! ….. after a nonvegetarian dinner….

A note on the table - asking patrons to be kind to animals!!!! & contribute Rs. 10 towards the cause:)

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