Writing reviews on Zomato – a blogger’s perspective

I have been writing reviews of restaurants on Zomato for about a month now & its been a nice experience so far. Zomato is the largest food website in India & that I guess ensures that the readership is huge.

So, after reviewing food in restaurants for months, here comes a review of a food website:

People do not necessarily go to a restaurant once. They might not have the same experience every time they go. So there shud b an option to update an earlier post – Suppose I have written a post in august 2011 & I revisit the same restaurant in November – I might have a different experience then – There shud be a way to update the old one so that readers can see perspective of the same person in two different times + it shud appear in recent posts. Shud b interesting proposition.

In this yummraj.com site, with every post there is an option to like the post on facebook, G+, twitter, ….. etc. That ensures that whenever people like it, their friends also get to see it, thus gettin more traffic. Zomato is yet to start this……I hope they do.

Out of all the bloggers , the readers may like reading posts of some bloggers more than others . e.g. Of the times food guide, my tastes relate more to Sabina Sehgal than to Maryam Reshi. So I have all of Sabina’s edited books 2004 to 2009 at home – Currently this feature is not present. So Zomato may have a feature where there is a way to follow a favorite blogger – either after he/she logs in / intimation by email.

Pics of restarants / food dishes is currently not seen in Zomato. It is another feature that Zomato can introduce. That enhances the look of the review page & increases excitement.

A very common problem with food reviews on the net is that many eateries mark ‘this review is not useful’ for non favorable reviews & ‘useful’ for favorable reviews. Zomato shud b able to curb that by not allowing one email id/facebook login etc to post more than one comment.

Sometimes the reader might want to ask something to the blogger for clarification – In Zomato there shud b a place to ask questions.

When one writes a post on Zomato, there might be few places that he/she wants to highlight in bold / italics / underline. Need that option – currently not available.

What is great about Zomato is that the post is uploaded very fast after submitting.

30 thoughts on “Writing reviews on Zomato – a blogger’s perspective

  1. Really it has very good service provider and is the largest food website in India & that I guess ensures that the readership is huge. also offering the services in my city Chandigarh.

      1. Bhayander west mcdonalds service is very bad cash counter boy dont know anything about how to make bill very worse service and rude staff

  2. Bhayander west mcdonalds india the staff of that mcdonalds is not good I have visited many mcdonalds but this bhayander west mcdonalds service is very bad

  3. I ordered food from Dum AA Dum and was very happy with the entire experience. Their website is user friendly. The delivery was on time and the fodd taste was great. The price is also surprisingly very reasonable for the quality and quantity. I strongly recommend Dum AA Dum for good quality starters as well as main course. Their Chicken, mutton and fish kababs are excellent. Chicken biryani is also very good but I liked the mutton biryani the most. They should add a few sweets in the desert section to make a complete meal.

  4. Had a meal here last week with few friends at fulmars hotel shalimar …IAbsolutely delightful Ivegetarian so I can recommmend palak panner, open cheese toast, naan, khatte alu, paneer makhanwalla, and the kulfi was super. Also try the oreo mousse cake from their pastry shop. Great value for money.

  5. Had a meal here last week with few friends at gulmarg hotel shalimar …absolutely delightful vegetarian food . I can recommmend palak panner, open cheese toast, naan, khatte alu, paneer makhanwalla, and the kulfi was super. Also try the oreo mousse cake from their pastry shop. Great value for money.

  6. Hi Yummraj, I reached your blog while searching how to write review on a particular restaurant. Couldn’t figure it out. Can you help. Had to pay an exorbitant amount of money for an extremely substandard meal. The restaurant is a premier one in Aero city, Delhi. Thanks.

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  8. Legend of barbeque i visit dat place on 20 nov 2016 .to have some tasty food .bt i find I just waste my money d food especialy d dinner item in non veg was so pathetic dat I was upset.very bad

  9. I truly disagree with the positive comments you made, let me err my experience. Ordered, confirmed, half an hour later restaurant called and said they can’t deliver, then received message that order is on its way. hahahaha!! How reliable is Zomato as this service. It doesn’t give me any reason to try ordering again.

  10. The worst service i have ever had. Pathetic service .
    I ordered food yesterday with om sweets at 8 PM and i requested zomato executive for early delivery. I was in continuous chat with the zomato regarding the status of my order. After 1.5 hour i got message from Zomato regarding the cancellation of my order due to the unavailability of the delivery boy in OM sweets . I contacted the restaurant and they told me your order was ready and but no zomato delivery boy was available to deliver the order . I was fed up with the zomato service they would had told me the status earlier .Also zomato guys were making excuse that you number were not reachable . I mean how this was possible i was in continuous contact om message with zomato on there app. Fed Up with the service . Now going to delete the zomato app from the mobile and also please share this so next time they won’t fool you with the bloody excuses . Also requesting friends not to use this worst service .

    Hope this would help them brushing there service well for the customer .

  11. For all byers you are aspecting best service but created a fool culture for tips you are doing chit to server you are not paying tips money so you are not gating best service if you want excellent service you can do one things whenever you entering in service area you pay 10 or 20 rupees to server at ones you get a quick reaction to your service you get a non stop service you forgetting this attitude you just start this attitude you get a quick reaction to your service

  12. I ordered a pizza from Domino’s thru Zomato.. firstly it deleivered very late secondaly it was not hot also.. personally I dnt like Zomato service Swiggy is more quick and good in service

  13. I was order food through Zomato .but when I was received the food than it’s very bad quality .I never belived this type of service Zomato provide. I pay 350 ruppess but what ever food I got its price up to 50 only. I was order kadhai paneer . But I don’t know what he send only onion gravy send but it’s not kadhai paneer gravy and butter tandoori roti is also so bad quality. Zomato 1300518915.

  14. Never download zomato app.. They just cheat with you.. I order the food to the nearest restaurant.. The I received a message that your order is on the way… I wait for 1 hours and my order was not come… Then i cancelled my order. And tell him to refund my money back.. But zomato says that we will not give you refund.. Then i told him if you don’t want to refund then deliver my order right know.. But they said it was not possible… I used zomato for last 3 years and i’ll never expect this.

  15. The zomato representative was Asking me to share my bank statement with him. This is the first time in history someone has come up with a solution like this. Im shocked. I didnt expect them to try to resolve my issue in such an unethical manner. Who asks for a customers bank statement. Its so unethical and illegal. Why would you want to see how much funds someone has in their account. So bad!!!!! If the refund hasnt come through zomato should send me a proof of transfer rather than ask me for me bank statement. I reallly still cant believe that they offered me such an unreasonable solution. Shame on zomato!!!!!

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