Sharma Sweets (Lake Road near Deshapriya park off Sarat Bose road Kolkata – Post Office footpath)

In a nutshell:

Much better than the overhyped Maharani & Maharaja Kachori shops on the Sarat Bose road

Sharma Sweets

Meal for 2 – Rs. 20 onwards

Short Description – In case u r in a hurry:

Yummy flavorful kachoris with mast aloo ki sabzi & pickled green chillies, crisp jalebis, good khasta kachoris, malai lassis & good gulab jamuns & many more varieties of Bengali sweets is what u can get at this place.

Ideal for a lazy morning breakfast……….. & a sweet day

Detailed description – In case u have the time to enjoy reading:

We discovered this tiny shop last year while we were walking towards the fabled Maharani Kachori shop on Sarat Bose Road. Something about the shop suggested authenticity & we walked in & tasted the kachoris. We loved them…

price chart pasted on the wall of Sharma Sweets

…..& we make it a point to visit every time we r in Kolkata.

The Hing (asafetida) Kachoris r fried in ghee, have a very good flavor of lentils & spices, the aloo ki subzi is chatpata , with a little gravy but not very teekha (hot in taste). So, they give a very interesting green chillies sautéed in some fundu masala…… too good.

kachoris, subzi & pickled green chillies

The jalebis r crisp & thin – very tasty.

The khasta kachoris r good but not the best I have had – The smell of pure ghee (that u get with the first bite of an outstanding kachori) was missing. The middle is not fully filled with lentils & masala but the flavors r also good – but not excellent. The intensity of taste of the pack was much less than the best I have had so far (Vajpayee ke Poori aloo in Lucknow). In fact the Khasta at Gangurams at Manicktolla Lohapatty in Kolkata was much better than that in Sharma sweets.

Samosa – had no dramatic wow effect on the first bite. The outer layer was good but lacked salt. The filling however was excellent. Worth a try.

The machine churned Lassi is fairly thick & has a malai topping – is predominantly sweet – does not have a hint of salt…….. No comparison to the best (hand churned) lassi I have ever had – at Varanasi , outside Ramnagar fort (see the attached link – scroll down to bottom of the new page).

fresh dahi used for churning lassi

It is very difficult to get good gulab jamuns ay more – with the mild salty taste, saffron in the middle & also pistachios. The Gulab jamuns of Sharma sweets were fairly good.

The sweets r generally good too.

Head out for it one of these days & I can ensure u will not regret.

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