Ashok & Ashok (Delhi 6, off the Sadar Police station road, gali besides Agarwal Sweets)

In a nutshell:

Rustic, robust, lovable, excellent nonvegetarian street-side food

the shop

How to go there: Take the road perpendicular to the metro line in front of the Big Hanuman statue at Karol Bagh. Keep going straight …. …….. cross all traffic lights on the way till u get a ’gol chakkar’ / roundabout. Take a right from there till u get a Police station on ur left. Keep going straight till u get a small bridge & a 4 point crossing. If u turn left u get Sadar Police station road. Look for Agarwal sweets on ur left & turn left into the gali – Quite complicated but cud not find a better way to describe.

The signboard - looks like it was last painted during farewell of Lord Mountbatten

Meal for 2: Rs. 300 onwards

as u approach the shop

Cuisine Type: Nonvegetarian

Short Description – In case u r in a hurry:

The shop is a hole in the wall, There r ‘metal sheet on metal frame’ tables on the footpath on which u r supposed to keep ur plate & eat. There is a kabadi shop right across, lots of cars parked on both sides of the narrow street & 30 odd people trying to dig into food served to them with big smiles on the faces.

crowds that r paying to get a bite on the roadsideA little effort to provide shade - sorry I forgot 2 cover that in the text

Yes, that Ashok & Ashok – known as Ashok meatwallah in the locality. ‘Choice’ is not a word they r much familiar with & ‘focus’ is the only word they seem to b knowing.

food served on tin plated metal frame tables on the footpath

Saturdays & Wednesdays it is mutton curry & rest of the day it is only chicken curry. This is served with fresh roti made in front of u on the footpath. At 1.30 pm we were told – sorry we finish in 15 minutes. Pls try to come between 1 & 1.15!!!!!

eating on the roadside

They also serve Biryani.

Detailed description – In case u have the time to enjoy reading:

Must mention here that apart from the metal tables mentioned above, there was a small plastic seat. The solitary plastic seat that they had bought maybe decades back had more holes in it than solid surface – I was surprised I cud sit on it for 20 mins I was there. I was also pleasantly surprised to c a bunch of tissue papers being given along with the food!!!!

people who r meeting for the first time, sharing tables & enjoying the lunch

We forgot all that as soon as the curry came. It was 4 pieces of chicken in a steel walled plate with lots of gravy. As soon as the gravy touched the taste buds, we figured , rather, were pleasantly surprised that it was keema (minced meat) based. Excellent gravy – flavors of ghee were obvious & the ghee was visible also. A slightly charred effect due to cooking & storage in slow fire for long (since morning). Robust, rustic, spicy (not teekha – or hot) & thoroughly enjoyable.

the chicken curry

The spices were telling a story.

the chicken

The rotis were coming one by one straight from the tandoor – soft inside & crunchy corners. Dhania minced were adding flavor. A dash of good ghee was the topping……………

the roti man

….ghee, ghee & more ghee, I am ranting about as if all mirrors have disappeared from this world & I have turned visible & no one can see me any more………..not possible……means – 5 more abs from tomorrow for next 7 days

'The' Man at the counter - owner

Surely worth a second visit. Will try the mutton on a Saturday (in a week or two) & update this post.

Highly Recommended. ….(but not for the faint hearted or faint stomached:)

Just for reference – The curry was much better than the similar curries at Karims.

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