Sharma Tea House (opp Gurdwara, besides SSKM Hospital, on Elgin Road & Harish Mukherjee Road crossing, Kolkata)

In a nutshell :

One of the best jalebis I have ever had, awesome cocktail khasta kachori with subzi, samosas, other snacks & of course thick, piping hot ‘Indian Chai’

sharma tea house

Cuisine Type: Vegetarian

Meal for 2: Rs. 30 onwards

view ofthe shop from in front of the Gurdwara


The jalebis here r thin, crispy & ‘saffroned’ like North Indian jalebis & have a light fermented ‘sweet & sour’ taste like kolkata jalebis. The ‘sour’ adds a cool twist to the sweetness. Unique & one of the best I have ever had.

ja - le - bis ......

The Khasta kachoris were tiny – so I called them cocktail. Just ask for kachoris when u go there. These r crispy, immensely flavorful, great aroma as u break thru ……. A feeling of ecstasy after it hits the taste buddies. The subzi is very good too.

excellent kachoris

The only kachori that I still feel is better than this is Vajpayee ke poori subzi in Lucknow. Kachoriwale of Parathewali gali, Chandni Chowk Delhi is almost as good as this but that is much ‘hot & spicy’ than this.

the tea making corner

The tea is loved by most but I found it too sweet.

the frying corner

Samosas & others r also very good.

The only bad thing about this shop is child labor – little boys who work here – serve food (I guess they do not go to school).



  1. How you can eat such oily foods when the oil is being used for more than 1 month. If I ate them i would’ve suffered from loose motions affecting my daily schedule badly. I think you people have digestive power because in Kolkata Public toilets are in between far away places & also have inadequate facilities. So chance of accidental defecation is very high. The tea these vendors make also contains high amount of caffeine because they boil it continuously in oven which will in turn damage the liver causing Ulcer.

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