The Great Kabab Factory (Park Hotel Gurgaon, Noida, Radisson Hotel)

In a nutshell:

 If u want to treat ur non Indian/ NRI guests to Indian food, this is a really great option. If u want to delve deep into the various kinds of kababs (under the same roof) that r popular in India, this is the place to be. If u want ur kababs to be made with the best ingredients in a healthy manner, this is the place to be – The Great Kabab factory offers u a multitude of great Kababs in an excellent environment & very warm service.

4 excellent chutneys / sauces to go with kababs - I do not eat sauces with Kababs though

However, if u happen to b an Indian foodie like YUMMRAJ (who just goes by the taste of food – not ambience, not service, not anything else), u wud say – The Great Kabab Factory is a ‘jack of all trades but master of none’. So, U wud rather prefer to sweat it out in the lanes & bylanes of Chandni Chowk or Kolkata or Lucknow to get a better deal for ur tastebuds.

buttermilk served 'on the house' to help digest the plethora of kababs
Address & other details: The Great Kabab Factory
Meal for 2: Rs. 5000 (with non alcoholic drinks)
Cuisine type: Vegetarian & Nonvegetarian
Short Description – In case u r in a hurry:  
 Great kabab factory is a very good ‘one stop shop’ for Kababs – One has to order for a vegetarian or non-vegetarian option & different kababs keep coming in till the time you can eat ……and all this at a fixed price. While the Galawati kababs of Tunday’s in Lucknow are surely better & the Burrah kabab of Karim’s is surely better, the Great Kabab Factory serves all such things with reasonably good taste, under the same roof, in a nice ambience. The Tandoori prawn kababs are a real show stopper here. This bombardment of kababs is followed by two nice daals, an ordinary subzi, a very aromatic but stupid tasting biryani & tandoori roti. An elaborate dessert follows this………… overall, an excellent place to taste multiple kababs under one roof in a nice ambience – Each of these are very good but none of them are the best in their respective categories
Detailed Description – In case u have the time to enjoy reading: 
The dinner starts with the serving staff asking for a vegetarian or nonvegetarian option. What ever option u choose, the kababs will keep coming one after the other from a fixed menu. U can keep eating as many kababs as u can. Post this there is maincourse!!!!
 We started with the galawati kabab – I wud say they were very good, soft, melt in the mouth & I had it for the second time. This was the best kabab in the fixed menu. However, if u want the real rustic tastier authentic Lucknowi Galawati Kababs, all u need to do is visit Tunday’s Gurgaon & eat 4 kababs & warqi roti at Rs. 100.
Galawati kabab
Then came a chicken kabab made with chunk of chicken – very soft, tender, juicy, full of spices & enjoyable. Once again this was not the very best I have ever had but this was very good on its own.
Chicken Kabab
Third came the burrah kabab. It was closer to a lamb chop in appearance & in taste it was a very good flavorful & tasty Indian kabab. However, if u want to have the real, authentic rustic robust mouthwatering Burrah Kabab, u cannot give a miss to karim’s.
Burrah Kabab
Fourth in queue was a mustard chicken kabab. It was also a chunk of chicken but cooked with mustard – soft, juicy, mild mustard flavor (punch of mustard was missing). I have surely had better than this but this was quite good & tasty on its own. The best of mustard kabab I have had so far is at Sheesha Lounge, C21 Mall, AB Road, Indore.
mustard chicken kabab
Post this came a mutton sheekh kabab – I wud have been happier if the name was changed to something else coz it did not ‘dur dur tak’ taste like mutton sheekh kabab. It had coriander leaves in it, was soft & had a good taste to it but nothing as compared to the rustic, juicy, robust mutton sheikh kabab at Karim’s Delhi or the sophisticated, super-soft, melt in the mouth, flavorful mutton sheekh kabab at Kainoosh, Delhi. 
mutton sheekh kabab
Post the long list of starters came some excellent daals – kali daal & yellow daal – loved them. The aloo matar subzi that was served was not bad but very ordinary & tastes better at my home. 

We also ordered Prawn tandoori in addition to the platter – That was a real Showstopper . DO NOT MISS IT for any reason whatsoever. It is simply outstanding.

super duper good tandoori prawn

The Chicken Biryani was super ordinary in taste but had a very good aroma. The chicken was quite stiff for a biryani, the rice strands were short of being ‘long grain’ & it was too dry.

Chicken Biryani
Desserts were very good – Outstanding Gajar ka Halwa (carrot based sweet), a very good Indian Ice cream ‘kulfi’ & a good Cottage cheese based sweet ‘Gulab Jamun’.
 A paan was served at the end. 
The drink that accompanied this food was Virgin Mojito – too good. Just loved it.

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