Ram Ladoo wala (outside Railway Museum, New Delhi)

In a nutshell:

Chatpata, unexpected enjoyable Snack

Ram Ladoo

Address & other details: Google Map

Meal for 2: Rs. 40

Ram Laddoo served with, freshly chopped mooli, green chutney & superb masala

Cuisine Type: Vegetarian


The story (skip the italics to read about how the food tasted):

I happened to have an hour free on a Sunday & I was near the Diplomatic enclave. So decided to go to the Railways Museum. As I parked my car & started walking towards the queue of the Ticket counter, I spotted a thin old smiling man selling something that looked like pakoras – I had seen this many times before but never really stopped back & tasted.

While waiting in the queue I decided to go for the pakoras. So walked up to him & asked about the pakoras to be told that they were laddoos!!!!

I started chatting with him as he started to prepare my plate – He makes the laddoos at home. On the stall he has a small tawa on a burner on which he keeps the home made laddoos in batches. The laddoos get roasted further & crunchy on the edges as they are kept in slow fire. He serves the roasted ones & refills the tawa with new laddoos.

laddoos being slow roasted on small tawa

He said he spends about an hour in the morning to set up his little stall – ‘jo dekhne me accha lage, wohi to bikta hai’ meaning ‘What looks attractive, sells’. So his sense of Visual Merchandising makes him skewer the laddoos & display them at the edge thru the transparent plastic cover.

laddoos at the edge skewered to give a nice look from the outer side

The Ram Laddoos, I was told was made with moong daal & matar daal. They were crunchy on the outside & soft inside with the daal flavors coming in. These were finally served with fresh grated mooli (radish) which r still crunchy & some outstanding thick green chutney & a magic secret masala powder.

the mooli & the chutney bottle

Loved it…………… went back to have one more plate on the way back from the museum.

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