Balaram Mullick & Radharaman Mullick (2 Paddapukur Road, Bhowanipur, Kolkata)

In a nutshell:

An establishment that has stood the test of time, this place has some real good sweets to remember.

the facade

Address & other details: Balaram Mullick

Meal for 2: Rs. 50 onwards

Cuisine Type: Vegetarian


The Shop was started in 1885 as a tiny makeshift shop in an upcoming locality of that time – Bhowanipur. The Official website says that Asutosh Mukerjee, among many others, used to be a regular here.

There is a huge counter of usual & many unusual sweets in this shop. By usual I mean the ones that u get in all other places as well.

Within the unusual there are some traditional forgotten sweets like monda, & also new innovated fusion sweets like chocolate sandesh etc. The chocolate sandesh that we had today was soft (norom paak), had molten chocolate in the center & also had chocolate chips all over.

chocolate sandesh with molten chocolate within & lots of chocolate chips all over

Our favourites are the traditional nolen gur sandeshes of different shapes, size & textures (norom paak, kora paak etc).

Love the baked rosogolla here – really unique.

yumm baked rosogolla

Sitafaler payesh was very good & so was chhana pora.

Rosogollas are good too but not the best in town.

In summers, they serve mango sandesh & Kathhal (jackfruit) sandesh as well.

For more pics of YUMM sweets at this shop, pls click here: link

I u have a sweeth tooth, make sure u explore this place if u havent so far, & let me warn u – it will take u quite a few visits to have ‘tasted it all’.

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