Aam Pora Shorbot (Bengali style Aam Panna – refreshing summer drink made from raw mango)

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the thanda thanda cool cool lip licking refreshing good aam porar shorbot – bengali vesrion of aam panna

Summers are in & so r those times when just glass of water is not good enough to quench ur thirst. A tangy refreshing soft drink can often make a difference.

Aam pora shorbot is a Bengali classic drink made from the pulp of raw mango. Here is my take on the Classic recipe.

Take 4 raw mangoes. Ensure that the ones u choose are neither soft nor yellowing.

raw mango / kaccha aam

Wash them & roast them on slow fire direct flames – similar to what u do for baingan bharta (‘begun pora’ in bengali).

Aam pora – Roasting the raw mangoes on stove

Continue till all sides of the mango skin are blackened (charred) & the pulp is softened.

Roasted green mangoes

Post cooling, de-skin & de seed the mangoes. Keep the pulp aside.

the pulp of roasted raw mango

Take a small bunch of mint (pudina) leaves, wash it well & separate the leaves from the stalk.

Put the pulp & the mint leaves into a blender jar. Add ½ teaspoon of salt & sugar to taste. The sugar will depend on ur taste & also the extent of sourness of the mangoes.

The blended pulp

Pour the mixture into a glass. You may add soda / cold water / crushed ice / a combination of the above. Needless to say, for a thin refreshing drink add more water / soda. Else, u get a thick robust drink if u add less water / soda.

Njoy the cool drink & I will wait for ur feedback.

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  1. Oye yummraj – just made Aam Paana over this weekend and took endless photographs. Now I think I have to domething else to it to write a post – fusion Aam Paana! Khao, Khao aro khao!

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