Garam Rosogolla (Subal dar dokan, SC Das Sweets, Becharam Chatterjee Road, Behala, Kolkata)

In a nutshell:

An encounter with piping hot Rosogollas at a para (neighbourhood) shop floored me & all my co-snackers. I won’t even suggest that this is the best rosogolla in Kolkata but on its own, it is excellent to taste, especially when hot.

piping hot roshogollas

Meal for 2: Rs. 20 onwards

Cuisine Type: Vegetarian

The story:

Hot piping Rosogolla is a unique thing to have. It tastes like no other sweet – warm when served, smell & taste of fresh chhena (curdled milk) but different from just chhena. Bengalis also vouch for its medicinal properties – supposedly helps recover from bad stomach.
I got initiated to this many years back at a shop near my erstwhile office – He wud sell rosogollas during the day but the hot ones that he used to serve in the evening were way better.

the nondescript sweet shop where we had the roshogollas

As I moved to Delhi NCR few years back, I was surprised to find that people prefer cold refrigerated rasgullas. When cold, the rosogollas tend to become brittle & hence a bit chewy.

The current encounter with hot rosogollas happened by chance while I was visting a cousin’s place. I was so impressed by the hot rosogolla that I shamelessly asked for more to be told that they had got only a few. I went out to the shop immediately with everyone at his home & told the shop owner ‘ we r so impressed by ur rosogollas that we all came to eat more.

roshogolla balls made out of chhena

I also requested for some photo opportunities. He smilingly obliged & then the staff welcomed me into the kitchen as if I were Prannoy Roy. They started showing me the process & the steps before I cud start clicking.

The guy who was giving the final round shape to the rosogollas was ever smiling.

the guy making the chhena balls

The guy who was making the rosogollas on the oven was very happy to explain how he wud convert the hand-made balls of chhena to YUMM rosogollas by patiently handling them in boiling sugar syrup.

the guy converting the chhena balls into roshogollas

The taste was simply awesome. It was less sweet than the usual rosogolla coz the sugar syrup had not been able to permeate in as good. The texture was unbelievably soft & enjoyable.

Let me mention that since it was served before it cud cool off, the rosogollas were shapeless. They were not as nice & perfectly round like the cooled off ones.

roshogollas ready to be served

Sadly we stopped after having 6-7 pieces as it proved difficult for most of us to have too many sweets in continuation.

Loved the experience & look forward to more in future.

Every shop has a time particularly when they make hot rosogullas. U just have to know that & reach there in the right time.

5 thoughts on “Garam Rosogolla (Subal dar dokan, SC Das Sweets, Becharam Chatterjee Road, Behala, Kolkata)

  1. I absolutely agree with this – piping hot Roshogolla is absolutely awesome. We had one small sweet shop called Maity Sweets in Ghugudanga Bazar – khub naam kora kichu na kintu oder ek takar roshogolla – tao abar gorom – amader dur dur theke guestra eshe demand korto!!!

  2. Hi I’m currently in Delhi NCR and have a friend who loves these. I was wondering if you would be able to help me out. I wanted to know if and where I could find hot roshogullas, it’s his birthday and I want to surprise him. I would really appreciate the help.
    Thank you

  3. Could you detail the process of preparing these a bit more? I want to make some when I crave them and can’t travel all the way to the land of rosogollas.

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