Gupta Brothers (Block J, New Alipore, Opposite Triangular Park, Kolkata & also at crossing of chetla road & chetla haat road, Kolkata)

In a nutshell:

North Indian snacks, YUMM Kachoris, slurpy Jalebis & a host of Traditional & Fusion Bengali sweets. Food rules & nothing else does.

The New Alipore Store of Gupta Brothers

Address & other details: Gupta Brothers

Meal for 2: Rs. 50 onwards

Cuisine type: Vegetarian


This is one place I have loved eating at for many years. I specially loved going to the rustic old shop at the crossing of Chetla Road & Chetla Haat Road – No chairs for people to sit, Hardly 4 -5 customers cud enter the shop – rest wud interact with the counter guys & eat standing on the road, interaction was informal & finally an orally calculated payable amount wud be verbally communicated by the server. This time around I saw that have picked up the adjacent property & r converting that to a sit & eat.

Kachori subzi

The swankier shop at New Alipore came much later. This one is air conditioned, has ample space inside & still no seating system. There is a separate cash counter & ‘slip / parchi’ system to pay first & get the delivery later. This one is much more impersonal than the original one.

Sweets r excellent here. There r traditional Bengali sweets, North Indian Sweets & also fusion sweets like ‘abar khabo’ that this shop is well known for. If u go the first time u can safely ask the guy at the counter for recommendation.

North Indian snacks are also available in a good variety – the typical ‘Bhujiawala’ kind of range, with some innovations as well.

We love the simple kachori subzi that they serve here & do not ever miss it during a trip to Kolkata. The Kachoris r crispy, full of flavour & excellent to taste, thus making it my second best ‘kachori’ in town. The Kachori at Sharma tea House is probably the best in Kolkata.

Kachoris @ Gupta Brothers

The subzi is spicy, somewhat rustic, perfect to taste (balance of salt, sweet, sour) & is at least 5 times better than the subzi at Bikanervala / OM sweets / Gulab Sweets Gurgaon.

Subzi served with kachori

The Jalebis r crispy, slightly sour & very good to taste. Once again the jalebis at Sharma Tea House score over this but on its own the jalebis at Gupta Brothers is thoroughly enjoyable.

Jalebis @ Gupta Brothers

Try out this shop if u have’nt so far. U will fall in love.

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