Rawanhattha – A melodious folk musical instrument

I had always heard the melody of rawanhattha on CDs or as a part of a live performance by a group of musicians.

Rawanhattha street musician
Rawanhattha street musician

Rawanhattha 1

A simple instrument made from branches of trees and half coconut shell ….

story of rawanhattha

The story goes like this ( as told by the musician) – in mythology Ramayan, the demon king Rawan tore his veins ( of the hand) and created this stringed instrument where the veins became the strings.

Playing tunes
He then started playing this instrument dressed as a saint and attracted sita to step out of the protection line ‘Lakshman Rekha ‘ and then abducted her.

Explaining the instrument
I met this musician at Jaswant thada, Jodhpur. He was sitting in a corner and playing the instrument on his own …..
The first song as a famous Rajasthani folk song – kesaria balam, padharo mharo des….
Post that he started playing other tunes …..

Kesariya balam

Outstanding and unforgettable. He started talking to us about the instrument and I requested permission to record that. He accepted and that’s how I am bringing to u this amazing melody from a little known instrument, the beauty of which is the slanting white wire that draws its sound from 5 metal wires below.

Playing tunes

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