Hotel RRR (Gandhi square , near mahatma Gandhi statue, chamrajpur, mysuru, Karnataka)

In a NUtshell:A food factory that strictly follows darwin’s theory, quick service, serves low priced super YUMM food, both vegetarian and non vegetarian

Address & other details:  RRR

Meal for 2: ₹230 onwards

Cuisine type :  vegetarian & nonvegetarian

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Short description- in case u r in a hurry:

We had read about this place in a blog while searching for good places to get local food.

We went for lunch at around 1 noon to find huge crowd in front of the entrance. So we thought it is a queue to enter, like in most such places. It took me few seconds to realize it was not a queue but people waiting and Some of them walking out!!!

The mystery continued till I reached inside the dining hall. The commotion gave good competition to mumbai local train in office time!!!

We thought this was the crowd to get in and get ur name registered in a list. No, it wasn’t – after a bit of jostling we reached the main hall. It is then that I realized that the crowd was trying to pay for what they had eaten!!!! Yes, people jumping one on top of other to pay, after they hv finished eating – must say that was honesty at its peak ( it was so easy to just walk away after a meal).
But why – coz the system here is that after lunch is over, walk to the cash counter near the entrance and pay (no paying the waiter at the table and waiting for change). What happens when there is no queue manager? Pandemonium…..

As we stood in the hall we saw many tables , all full. We also saw a board ‘air conditioned family room’. Reached there and realized that it was a small room with three times more number of people ( than number of seats) waiting outside. So we were back to normal area and tried to get conditioned to the situation…

There were many people like us roaming in the dining hall like headless chicken….I asked a waiter where to enlist my name to get a seat. He was shocked as if I asked him to shave his hairy legs, wear a short length saree and walk the ramp in amazon india fashion week!!!!

He said ‘these guys will finish soon. Wait near any table. Sit after they leave’. He pointed vaguely in a way that covered nothing less than 2/3 rd of the room.
So the message was loud and clear – figure out yourself how u will get a seat!!! Reminded of our experience at nair mess chennai (at least they warned us it Wud b a ‘mess’.

We then spotted two guys eating their last course and refusing more rice helping. So we understood they were getting over. We stood next to their table As if we were pillars in the hall. We pounced on the empty seats as soon as they left. As we were about to sit, another gentleman tried his luck to slide in and with jonty Rhodes level of agility I flung myself on the chair b4 even a fly cud react!!!! Now hope u understood the context of ‘darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest ‘!!!!

By this time we had quite made up for lack of work out in the morning, and hence hungrier than b4:)

Needless to say that tables r shared with strangers. Restaurant starts serving only when all 4 in a table r seated.

As the food arrived, I started clicking so that I cud share pics with u guys. The gentleman sitting opposite had never seen such a strange activity. He said ‘do u need to submit pics to office along with bill for reimbursement?’ Quite a question that was:) later at the hand wash he said in a low voice ‘r u ‘narthh’ Indian ‘?

There r vegetarian unlimited thali and one can order non vegetarian sides – fish fry, mutton fry etc and chicken/mutton biryani.

There were no menu cards. Everything was verbally recited to us when we sat.

KmFood was marvellous and more than made up for all the wierd experience.

By the time we were finishing, we had ; people around the table looking patiently at our plates (estimating the speed and appetite) , so that they cud pounce in as son as we get up.

While I narrated this experience in jest, on a serious note I am surprised why the owners let this pandemonium happen. It just take 1 more guy with a strong voice to manage a crowd. To learn more about this they can visit Andhra bhawan, delhi, which is as much crowded but brilliantly managed.

Detailed description- in case u hv the time to njoy reading:

We ordered a vegetarian thali, a mutton biryani, mutton fry and fish fry.

The biryani had soft, independent grains of local rice that was very tasty. Flavours of meat had beautifully merged with that of the spices in the rice. Spices were not on the face. The rice was not full of ghee like many other biryanis.

Rate the rice 4/5

The meat pieces were insanely soft and juicy. Flavours of meat were robust and super enjoyable. Rate the meat 4.5/5

Rate the overall dish 4.25/5

We tried the fish fry – Marvellous it was. The fish was very crisp on the outer side, flaky and juicy inside. Curry leaves and onions made their presence felt. Super YUMM. Rate it 4.5/5

The mutton fry was overtly delicious. It had a thick grainy dry gravy. The mutton pieces were chewy and soft, the way it usually is, in a mutton fry. Robust, rustic and memorable flavours and taste. Rate it 4.75/5

The thali had papadam, chutney, mixed vegetable

Mixed vegetable was nice and great. We had this with rice and ghee. Rate it 4.5/5

Avial was very enjoyable. Rate it 4.5/5

Beetroot subzi – magic done on humble beetroot made it stand out. Rate it 4.5/5

Loved the thick, flavourful sambhar. Rate it 4.5/5

Rasam was very nice.

We also loved the nutty n coconutty thick chutney. Rate it 4.4/5

Dal was simple , had flavours of masalas and daal complimenting each other. Loved it. Rate it 4.5/5

Overall rating of food at RRR averages out to

Wud not leave a chance to revisit.

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  1. We liked RRR too. If you are still in Mysore, make a pit stop at Fishland on your way back to Bangalore.

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