The bagel shop (30, Pali Mala road, Carter Road, Bandra West, mumbai)

This was review is of a unique menu at the bagel house, queimada – East Indian cuisine
In a NUtshell:
One among a handful of restaurants worldwide that serves super YUMM East Indian cuisine

Address & other details: The bagel house

Meal for 2: ₹500 onwards

Cuisine type : vegetarian & nonvegetarian

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I rate all the food items & then give a final overall rating which is a simple average of the individual item ratings. What the ratings stand for: 5 = Excellent, 4 = Very Good, 3 = Good, 2 = Fair, 1 = Disaster

Short description- in case u r in a hurry

We came to know about this place from a post by blogger ‘brun maska’ on instagram. He mentioned that there was a restaurant in Bandra called quiemada. We got excited and started searching for the address on zomato.

Zomato restaurants section had nothing by that name. Then we searched on google. Somewhere we found mention of bagel cafe.

We called bagel cafe to ask where is quiemada restaurant. They first did not understand my pronunciation of quiemada. Then I said East Indian food. Then they said quiemada was not a restaurant but it was a menu in bagel house.

We set out from home (20 km away) one Saturday to explore East Indian food here.

Those of you who did not understand ‘East Indian food’, here is a short background. East Indian is a community of Roman Catholics who stay in and around mumbai and in other areas of north Konkan. They converted to Christianity during Portuguese era and before, long b4 the British missionaries started mass conversions. The food of this community is Distinct from both Marathi local cuisine and Goan food but there r similarities as well e.g. East Indians have vindaloo and sorpotel which Goan cuisine is famous for. While the names are common the texture and taste are different.

The co-owner of the Restaurant is an East Indian himself. We loved our brief chat with him.

Service Was excellent – warm, efficient and helpful suggestions.

Quiemada menu was a one pager. Good description of each and every dish.

Super loved the food. Highly recommended by yummraj.

Detailed description- in case u hv the time to njoy reading:

Pork spare ribs came for starter but it had a bit of gravy. The gravy was very tasty and we did not mind it – in fact we polished it off till the last drop.

The Pork pieces were extremely good with perfect proportion of fat and meat. Masalas were very enjoyable. Super soft meat, excellent taste. Rate it 4.5/5

For starter we also ordered Shrimp chilly fry. The shrimps were very fresh but the dish did not seem to b anything special east Indian or different – it seemed to b like regular shrimp stir fry.

It was Good but not excellent. Rate it 3.5/5

Mutton khudi had fantastic flavours. Loved the coarseness in gravy that can b attributed to grated coconut. The mutton pieces were super soft and tasty. The meaty flavours were intact. Rate the dish 4.5/5

Wedding rice was similar to Parsi brown rice. It was Brownish in color , flavoured with masalas and had fried onions on top. It was good to taste but not something that I Wud pick up a fight for. Rate it 3.75/5

Beef olives was the star of the evening – we did not feel the olives much but overall the dish tasted great. The beef was Made into rolls and wrapped with bacon. Almost all good things together. Rate it 4.75/5

Veg lonvas curry was coconut based gravy of vegetables. It had nice masala flavours and that if coconut milk. The veggies retained their texture. Rate it 4.25/5

Pork sorpotel was outstanding. It had a daanedaar feel to it. Meat was a melt. Wow. Rate it 4.75/5

Pork vindaloo was nice and had brilliant flavours of vinegar and masalas. It was optimally sour. The pieces were perfect sized and hence the spices and meat blended well. Rate it 4.5/5

The Pav served with this was soft and fluffy, had a fermented feel to it. Loved it and had few bites of the bread just like that. Rate it 4.5/5

Coconut pancake was similar to Bengali patishapta served with ice cream. It was rice flour pancakes with sweetened grated coconut filling and folded like a dosa. Ice cream I am sure is not traditional but a late add. The filling was good to taste but was not that juicy – was a bit dry. Rate it 3.5/5

Sweet and salty cucumber drink was very different and enjoyable. Flavours of cucumber were obvious. Loved it and rate it 4/5

Overall rating of food at the bagel cafe quiemada menu averages out to

Wud look forward to revisit.

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