Deviram sweets (Khandelwal colony, Katlupur, Rakabganj, Agra)

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A sweet shop with two branches, that serves YUMM breakfast savouries in addition to some very good sweets.

Address & other details: deviram

Meal for 2: ₹100 onwards

Cuisine type : vegetarian only

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Short description- in case u r in a hurry

Got to know of this place by browsing the Internet for good authentic local food. Later, a general chat with our server at Taj View hotel made us finally decide on going here for breakfast. The question I asked him was ‘where would you take your family or friend if you were to treat them out of home’. A big thanks to him that we went here.

The sweet shop is big & airconditioned. In the morning it was quite empty. However a small counter of the shop was brimming with customers. People were coming here to eat the freshly made hot breakfast.

The customer has to buy coupon from one place & collect the food from next counter. There is usually no queue. So depending on relative aggression of the customer or a sweeter smile to the person in the counter, one gets to buy a coupon.

I opted for second option & the gentleman at the counter responded by saying ‘you eat first & pay for all items at one go, later’!!! Pleasant surprise. Very pleasant.

The bedai pooris were being fried nearby & a guy was constantly getting a basket full of bedai & in no time that was disappearing. I peeped inside the counter & saw guys stuffing the kneaded wheat to roll bedai .

The shop was a great leveller – from tourists from across the country & some from outside , to local affluent people to guys who do physical labour for a living eating breakfast before going to work. Love such places.

Loved the food.

Detailed description – in case u hv the time to njoy reading:

Bedai with aloo ki subzi, I am told, is a legend & rightfully so. Bedai is a kind of poori that is hard, thick & super crisp, retains its shape at any temperature & is sheer joy to munch on – as it is, as well with the aloo subzi served. Rate the bedai 4.95/5. Have never felt so much joy after eating a poori.

Bedai served atop aloo Subzi

The aloo ki subzi was hot, had strong flavours of spices, had small pieces of aloo & a gravy thicken by the aloo itself. They were adding a bit of dahi to the subzi b4 serving. The curry in itself & the dahi were making it sour. The sour was overpowering the salt. The other two tastes – sweet or bitter, were absent. So it was a bit unidirectional in taste. Liked it but wud have loved it better if the balance was better. Rate it 3/5.

Overall rating of bedai aloo averages out to 4/5.

Jalebi was crisp, not too sweet, had flavours of ghee & was pretty enjoyable. It was however unidirectionally sweet. It did not have a hint of sourness. Rate it 4/5

Lassi was good to taste but the moment I had it, I realised it was too smooth & thin as compared to the legendary lassis of Uttar Pradesh. I peeped into the shop to try to find the reason – they were making the lassi with a machine. Of course it would not be as good as a hand churned lassi. It cannot. The lassi was sweet & sour – did not have a hint of salt. Rate the lassi 3/5.

Akhrot milk cake was a sweet that we bought from the shop. It was a gem of a dish. Rich milk cake made by Reducing milk & with akhrot in it. Wah. Not too sweet. Juicy. Daanedaar. Rate it 4.95/5.

Akhrot milk cake

Overall rating of good at deviram averages out to 4/5

Wud surely revisit to eat at this legendary place.

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  1. Bedai/Bedmi is not prepared with maida as mentioned by you. It is made with whole wheat flour (some also add samolin).

    1. Hey thanks for pointing out. I mentioned it in the ‘stuffing’ context. By habit. Bedai Did not taste like maida at all. Correcting it.

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