Hangul by Home chef rajni Jinsi (home delivered all across delhi NCR)

Read earlier review of a pop up by home chef rajni Jinsi here – Radisson blu Faridabad

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Fabulous kashmiri pandit home cooked food that is Low in oil as compared to commercially made food, spices not on the face, excellent flavors, great taste – home cooked & delivered all across delhi NCR

Address & other details: Hangul

Meal for 2: ₹750 onwards

Cuisine type : vegetarian & non vegetarian

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Short description- in case u r in a hurry

We had food by Mrs. Jinsi last year, soon after we relocated back from mumbai. She had done a pop up at a hotel in Faridabad (Radisson blu) – we had driven from gurgaon to Faridabad just to eat the food. Review of the same here – Radisson blu Faridabad.

Two months later we suddenly came across a stall by Mrs. Jinsi at the weekend farmers market, at the posh & happening two horizon center, gurgaon. We were pleasantly shocked at eating this food – way better than what we had in Faridabad. We realized soon that the difference was due to the Radisson blu one being cooked in a commercial kitchen in that environment with help from hotel employees vs. the latter been cooked at her home by herself.

I spoke about this experience & my senior colleagues at work ordered it. They raved about the 100% vegetarian meal sent by Mrs. Jinsi.

So last week when we had a foodie friend come over, we ordered food from Mrs. Jinsi. Here is a description of the same.

The order had to be placed by WhatsApp & a confirmation came. The payment had to be done by paytm (there were other options too).

On the delivery date, we received the parcel at exactly the time that we had requested.

Our guests were absolutely thrilled after eating this food.

Detailed description – in case u hv the time to njoy reading:

The beauty of this dinner was that the food tasted homemade cooked’. It tasted like someone passionate has cooked. It did not have overflowing oils, penultimately cooked meats etc. It did not remotely taste like what bored, uninterested commercial cooks sometimes come up with, even after using standard ingredients. Infact the ingredients used by Mrs. Jinsi were top class.

All items that we had ordered was kashmiri pandit food. No onion & no garlic was used in the cooking of meats. The flavoring was done with asafoetida (hing), fennel seeds (saunf), dry ginger etc etc. the flavors were surely distinct & different from most North Indian Curries.

Monj haaq (also called kohlrabi ) is a turnip kind of vegetable with greens that is eaten in Kashmir. We have always eaten stewed versions of this with boiled rice. Loved the monj haaq from Hangul. Full of flavors, thin watery gravy….. perfectly cooked. Simple, delicious, packed with flavors. Rate it 4.25/5

Kashmiri dum aloo was very good. Unlike the dum aloo in rest of north india, the aloo in kashmiri dum aloo is pierced multiple times. The gravy enters the aloo & changes the texture. The gravy had no onion, no garlic. It was daanedaar due to saunf I guess. The taste was robust, rustic & somewhat hot (enjoyable). Rate it 4.5/5

Fish curry with radish was very excellent. They had used large Katla fish with bones (seemed to be the 2.5-3 kg size). The fish had good amount of fat & was perfectly cooked. Radish pieces were overly yo munch on. It gave a very different twist to the earlier kashmiri pandit fish Curries I have had. The mild sourness in the gravy & the overall taste was very enjoyable. Rate it 4.5/5

Masq (handmade meatballs curry) was excellent again. The meatballs were elongated (so geometrically they are not balls) as they always are & were lumpy & juicy. The meat flavor was intact. The spices tried very hard to overpower the meat flavors bit finally both meat & spices made their presence felt harmoniously. Absolutely loved this dish. Rate it 4.5/5

Mutton roganjosh was very good to taste but I was surprised that it was boneless. The meat pieces seemed to be from the hind legs of a big goat. The result – the texture of the meat got compromised. The meaty flavor of the gravy was suboptimal. Spices ruled. The taste of the gravy was very good. We have had a better roganjosh at Matamaal gurugram. Rate the roganjosh at Hangul 4/5

Loved the Mooli chutney thay came along.

Overall rating of food by Hangul averages out to 4.4/5

Highly recommended by YUMMRAJ. Look forward to trying out more dishes.

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  1. Thank you yamraj for this wonderful and honest review.l Looking forward to the pleasure of serving you again

  2. Ask them to open up a branch in Kolkata. If there is one cuisine which is sadly missing from the city, it is Kashmiri

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