Bahadura sweets (Lohiya bazaar road, naya bazaar, Gwalior)

In a NUtshell

Unputdownable laddoos & fab oblong gulabjamuns at this shop were memorable!!! ….. at this 88 year old sweet shop

Address & other details: bahadura sweets

Meal for 2: ₹300 onwards

Cuisine type : vegetarian only

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Short description- in case u r in a hurry

We got to know of this sweet shop when our friend Amit, who came to our house from Gwalior got us a box of laddoos. He said this was from a old shop. We were floored eating the laddoos. It was around October last year.

when we planned a road trip to panna reserve from gurugram in January this year, we put in a stop over at Gwalior. As we started looking around for activities to do / places to eat in Gwalior, we remembered Bahadura. So we added this to our list.

Our exposure to the sweet shop was thru the sweets & its box. We had not obviously seen the shop. Neither did we bother to google.

The mental image We had about the shop was that of a renovated, glitzy old shop like say chaina ram Chandni Chowk delhi, or deviram sweets agra etc.

When we got off the tuktuk, we were in surprise (due to the mismatch of reality vs imagination). This shop was in an old building, with wooden beams on the ceiling.

The facade was old, not lit & had been hand painted.

There were beautiful design on the facade metal pillars.

Behind them, the facade of the building had beautiful carving in white. Inside was a large room with sweets kept in racks (not visible to customers from outside).

I don’t know how it was before covid but this is how the place works now – customer goes to the balcony & waits. Someone comes out & asks what he/she wants. He goes back, gets the sweet & only then he talks to the next customer.

In our case, when the person came out & gave our sweets, we asked the price. It was ₹750. I gave him two ₹500 notes. He had anticipated this & gave me ₹250 that he had got as balance. Impressed.

Loved the sweets.

Short description- in case u r in a hurry

Absolutely loved these unputdownable laddoos from bahadura sweets – they are more sweet than the sweets in metro cities but the balance of texture, the ‘almost there’ kind of salt, the robust presence of good ghee etc… almost impossible to stop at one, difficult to stop at two and so on …..

When we had this sweet in October in delhi, it was super soft & was breaking off in the mouth. In January when we ate this sweet, it tasted a bit hard – temperature had frozen the ghee. The gentleman who handed us the sweets at the shop had told me ‘keep outside refrigerator. Microwave 10-12 seconds before eating’. The result was almost as good as November.

Rate the laddoos 4.75/5

We also tried the gulabjamuns. When they were served, we realized that unlike the rest, these were oblong in shape.

The gulab jamuns were not too sweet, had a tinge of salt, were soft & enjoyable, pretty dry in the center, had flavors of good ghee, no dry fruits in the center – very very enjoyable. It was not ‘the best gulab jamun I had ever had’ but it was very good. Rate it 4.25/5

Overall rating of food at bahadura sweets averages out to 4.5/5

Will drop in again for sure, when in Gwalior.

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