Three sixty three (the Oberoi grand hotel, esplanade, kolkata)

In a nutshell:

Fully enjoyed a lunch followed by a memorable dinner here, outstanding hospitality & of course the old world charm.

A section of the dining hall at three sixty degrees

Address & other details: the Oberoi grand

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Meal for 2: ₹4000 onwards

Cuisine type : vegetarian & non vegetarian

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Short description- in case u r in a hurry

We were in kolkata & we had decided to explore beef dishes at different eateries in kolkata – from roadside to 5 star & mughlai to continental.

So during lunch time on a day we walked into the Oberoi grand & went to three sixty three restaurant, Confident that we will get to eat tenderloin steak after a long time.

As we started seeing the post COVID e-menu, we realized there was no tenderloin steak. Instead, there was tenderloin burger.

We of course ordered it & after a little conversation with our server, we got to know that tenderloin steak can be pre-ordered two days in advance. So we booked a dinner after two days. We were given a confirmation of the booking in a short while & they offered us poolside. That was awesome.

The menu card was super detailed. It Explained every dish thoroughly.

The service was best in class. Both days. The staff were very well trained about the menu. Just in case they would not have an answer about some unusual question by us, they said they would get back, & they did get back every time.

I would summarize that the service was a unique mix of genuine human warmth & professional efficiency.

The interiors of three sixty three have been redone. It was much cleaner & minimalist as compared to my memory of the same restaurant years back.

The poolside was first for us. Beautiful old world charm. Period.

Poolside – view from our table
Lamp post from the past
Seating arrangements near Poolside

Totally enjoyed the food & beverages on both the occasions

Detailed description – in case u hv the time to njoy reading:

Day 1

Tenderloin burger – this was simply outstanding. We had requested for the patty to be juiciest possible & so it was. Pink from the center, we loved this patty. The sauces were minimal yet just right. The extras were minimal. The buns were outstanding. Cheese had a distinct flavor & texture. Overall wow. Rate it 4.75/5

Tenderloin burger split into two
Tenderloin burger
Tenderloin burger
Tenderloin burger

Smoked Hilsa – we were undecided between this & a western dish with kolkata river bhetki as the fish. Our server strongly suggested the smoked hilsa in place of bhetki & we agreed.

Must say that the presentation was dramatic. See the full video here – smoked Hilsa grand hotel kolkata

The Hilsa was brought to us covered under a white semi-spherical lid & as the plate was removed, the aroma spread & the white fumes filled the space.

Smoked Hilsa

A mustard sauce was poured atop the fish by our server.

The flavour of hilsa was diminished. The texture had changed of course, due to the de-boning process. The taste was intact. The mustard sauce was very good but not needed that much by us as we wanted to feel the fish flavors.

We usually never order this dish. I would not order in future also. This was surely the best version of smoked hilsa that we have ever had. A good hilsa, as per my experience so far, is enjoyed best with the bones, simply light-fried, no spices – just turmeric & salt. The natural marbling in hilsa does the magic of that buttery texture.

Rate it 4/5

Day 2

Pan grilled freshwater prawn was super fresh & perfectly cooked. The prawns were full of flavor & had just the right texture. Seasoning of the dish was perfect. Rate it 4.25/5

Pan grilled freshwater prawn
Pan grilled freshwater prawn
Pan grilled freshwater prawn

Tenderloin steak was good but not like what I remember from my multiple steak memories of New York.

Tenderloin steak & sides
Tenderloin steak
Tenderloin steak

We asked for medium rare. It was cooked that way. The texture was good. Cutlery was perfect to slice the steak.

Tenderloin steak

The basic meat was ok & not great. The meat at Korean restaurant, Gung the palace gurgaon that we visited later, was light years better – brilliantly marbled, perfect thickness.

Loved the mashed potato & the sides. Rate it 3/5

Very interesting kolkata themed cocktail menu among the classics

Our server informed us that as part of Christmas celebrations, they are serving Egg nog. We said yes.

Egg nog

Loved the perfectly made drink. Outstanding. Among the top 3 in my memory of having egg nog in india. Rate it 4.75/5

Egg nog

A cocktail named Bengali tea – cinnamon rum, tea cognac, honey rose water etc. this was curious, mysterious , complicated , unusual, & simply brilliant. Rate it 4.95/5

Bengali tea
Bengali tea
Bengali tea

Overall rating of food at three sixty three averages out to 4.3/5

Will get back next time to eat some timeless western classics & explore some more interesting cocktails.

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