Waterside cafe, Hyatt regency (EM bypass, salt lake, kolkata)

In a nutshell:

Sad service by overburdened, limited staff, fairly good ambience & some really good food. Nothing we had that evening was average or bad.

At the entrance

Address & other details: Hyatt regency kolkata

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Facebook: Hyatt regency kolkata

Meal for 2: ₹1000 onwards

Cuisine type : vegetarian & non vegetarian

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Short description- in case u r in a hurry

We were trying to get a Booking for 5 people on a Monday evening. We called the hotel number that google throws up.

We were transferred to restaurant few times but no one responded.

Finally when we got to speak to a lady, we asked, among other things, ‘Do you serve tenderloin steak’? The lady said ‘I don’t know. I Will call back’.

Nice artwork

No one called back.

So we called again. Same question. Same answer.

Same situation. No one called back.

Third time when we called we insisted that we will hold the line till we get an answer & we finally got a yes. We were offered ‘I Will send menu on WhatsApp’.

Dining hall

We had done the reservation on a sunday for the next day – Monday.

Someone called for a Confirmation on Monday morning, for a booking done on sunday after so many follow up calls!!! It seems they don’t have a booking wise note keeping system (electronic or paper).

This was given to us to sanitize – 50 paise written on the pack aloud!!! In a 5 star. Funny.

After arrival also, the Pathetic service experience continued. No one showed up to give menu card, No water served etc etc. I was feeling like Tom hanks in CASTAWAY. We were waving to indifferent waiting staff who were running around without occasionally glancing at the tables.

roasted tenderloin

Finally when we caught someone’s attention, we Asked for drink menu. The guy disappeared & never showed up. So we saw a few staff members in Red tee shirt who were standing & chatting with each other. Called one of them. He reluctantly showed up but refused to take order. He said thats the job of the guys in black shirt!!!!


Was This a 5 star hotel experience or a mid range restaurant run by an uninterested owner sitting on bequest left by papa!!!

The dining hall had huge ceiling & had a full glass wall on one side. Unfortunately for us, the waterside was not visible in the night.

A close up of dining hall

The menu card was a one pager. It had a good variety.

One page menu

We loved most of the food here.

Detailed description – in case u hv the time to njoy reading:

Chilean seabass with braised saffron leek, honey glazed carrots, asparagus & green pea purée – the fish looked pale & uninteresting. It had a Matt finish & looked dry.

Chilean seabass

We being us, we never bother about the looks. Taste, texture & flavor are all that matter. So quickly took a bite of the fish & it was just WOW.

Chilean seabass

Super juicy, flakey fish, perfectly cooked. Not over done as it looked from outside. Bursting out with flavors of fish as there was little else.

Chilean seabass

The sides were very enjoyable too. Rate the dish 4.5/5

Mashed potato

New Zealand lamb chops with classic mashed potatoes & vegetables came next. You have to see this video to believe it – as the lamb was placed on the table, we could see juice dripping out of it. See video here – lamb chops

New Zealand lamb chops

The lamb chops were simply outstanding. Perfectly cooked – super soft, super juicy & bursting out with flavors. Did not leave a single bit of meat on the bones – the stray dogs who would have got the bones next day , would have been really disappointed.

New Zealand lamb chops

Rate it 4.95/5

New Zealand lamb chops

Beef burger – menu card described it as 100% beef grounded, cheddar, onion.

Beef burger

As you know from our earlier posts, We were in kolkata & we had decided to explore beef dishes at different eateries in kolkata – from roadside to 5 star & mughlai to continental. Read about those experiences here – the Oberoi grand, Zamzam

Beef burger

Well, it was a good burger. The bun was good. The seasoning was good. The patty was also good. But this was way behind the beef burger at three sixty three degrees, the Oberoi grand kolkata, AKU’s brrgrr & no match to the one at the joint cafe gurgaon.

Cross section of Beef burger

Nothing was wrong in it. But it was not excellent either. Surely not outstanding.

Beef burger

Rate it 3/5

Wood fire oven roasted tenderloin with red wine jus was also good. We had requested medium rare. The steak was juicy & the taste was good. However it was not outstanding either.

roasted tenderloin

The one at three sixty three degrees restaurant was better.

roasted tenderloin

Rate the steak 3/5

Jamun galli was a mind-blowing good drink – perfect balance of salt/sweet/sour/salt. Everything just right, including the consistency & the temperature. Rate it 4.75/5

Jamun galli

Thai street drink had pomegranate, tamarind, Thai red syrup & lemon on a soda base. It was tangy & good to taste. Rate it 3/5

Thai street drink

For dessert we had Zephyr slice – caramel, chocolate, almond sponge cake, honey, butter scotch ice cream. This was a very interesting dessert.


It came in a bowl made of chocolate. One could eat the chocolate technically but it was too dry & did not taste good.


The ice creams & sponge cake mix with butter scotch made magic. Our co-diners loved it & licked off the dessert till the last drop. Rate it 4.25/5


We also tried some other ice creams but am not writing about them as the hotel did not value add to them. They were served as it is.

Other ice creams
Other ice creams
Other ice creams

Overall rating of food & beverages at the waterside cafe averages out to 3.9/5

Would surely get back here to try more lamb & fish dishes. Will keep service expectations from the restaurant at zero – that will ensure that our mood is not spoilt 🙂

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