Himur henshel (road behind Patuli police station, baishnabghata, kolkata)

In a nutshell:

A full fledged large & visually delightful, Bangladeshi food (predominantly) restaurant , whose food still reminds of good home food – not at all greasy, spices not on the face, minimal (if any) short cuts leading to flavours of ingredients expressed well, attention to detail to textures & really good taste.

Address & other details: Himur henshel

Facebook : Himur henshel

Instagram: Himur henshel

Meal for 2: ₹500 onwards

Cuisine type : vegetarian & non vegetarian

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Proof of payment day 1
Proof of payment day 2

Short description- in case u r in a hurry

We heard about the restaurant from foodka Indrajit Lahiri (moha-mushkil.com). He mentioned that this is not just one of his favourites, but his top of the mind, go to restaurant.

We searched for the restaurant on google map & reached hassle free. Correct google pin

The signage of the restaurant is loud & clear, in an otherwise sleepy neighbourhood. The large playing ground / park next to the restaurant reminded me of an outstanding French restaurant next to a park in delhi – le bistro du park.

Next to a park

The facade is colourful & so are the interiors – vividly colourful. In case your colour taste is like the British, I suggest you wear a black sunglass when you walk in (pun intended).

The ground floor is a lobby area. The mezzanine floor has seating & the main dining hall is on first floor.

The walls are hand painted & really beautiful. The pictures are different on different parts of the restaurant.

The staff wear a uniform polo. They are quite knowledgeable about the menu & were able to answer all questions that we had.

As we sat on day 1, one of the boys said ‘you need to share your WhatsApp number for me to share the menu card.’ I refused coz I don’t want calls from unknown people asking me to buy insurance or donate money to gaushala (everytime we part with numbers, it finds its way to these telecalkers). He insisted. I asked ‘should we leave’? The lady at the counter (founder of the business) overheard this & intervened. They gave us a screen to read the menu from.

Online menu card

The menu card was long & had no pictures. There were no descriptions of the items. The categorisation of the items made it easy for us to choose from.

The food was planned like home food & executed that way. It seems traditional methods of cooking with slight improvisations were adopted. Did not seem like the mindless commercial food type. If I would have to choose between oh calcutta & Himur henshel, I would choose to go to the latter.

We loved the food so much in day 1 that we visited again with members of family in just 2 days, Onway to airport to catch a delhi flight.

The batas & bhortas were different in terms of flavours & taste but there was something similar in texture among them.

The beverage man seemed to be perpetually in snooze mode most of the time. He seems to be almost close to attaining moksh & not interested in such mundane worldly activities any more. Day 1 we ordered Burhani which never came. Day 2 the gondhoraj ghol came after multiple pokes, towards the end of lunch.

The only thing in the food that we did not like was the compulsory basmati rice. While many people might like this fancy plasticky rice, eastern food goes well with short grain aromatic & non aromatic local rice . We would have happily ordered that rice had that been available on the menu .

Detailed description – in case u hv the time to njoy reading:

Day 1

Lebu chingri daal was totally home like . The chingri (prawns) did not add any flavour to the dal, when eaten the chingri were good to taste. The dal was excellent in every way – thick, home like flavours, great balance of taste (sour & salt). Rate it 4.75/5

Lebu chingri daal

Laupatar shutki (dried fish) bata (like a paste) had excellent flavours of both shutnki & lau pata (leaves of lauki / bottle gourd). The bata had a slightly grainy texture due to the shuntki. It was really good to taste. rate it 4.5/5

Laupatar shutki

Chittagong style mutton kala Bhuna was a showstopper on both the days. Contrary to the simplicity & daily home food kind of feel of the bhortas & the dal, this dish had a complex, intense, robust, rustic, celebratory meal kind of feel. This dish was totally different than the meat Curries in West Bengal. The meat was from a large animal & hence had strands but inspite of that it had a very good mouthfeel. Rate it 4.75/5

Chittagong style mutton kala Bhuna
Chittagong style mutton kala Bhuna
Chittagong style mutton kala Bhuna
Chittagong style mutton kala Bhuna

Aamer chatni (sweet & sour pre-dessert made from raw mango) was outstanding again. Super simple, home like raw mangoes with skin, in a thick jhol that had a good balance of salt sweet & sour. Rate it 4.5/5

Aamer chatni

Day 2

Kumro patay pur bhora chingri pakora (prawns wrapped in pumpkin leaves & made into a pakoda) was excellent. The outer casing was fluffy & crisp. The kumro pata (pumpkin leaf) filled with prawns was really nice. The filling prep was almost like inside a good momo – juicy, fleshy & also somewhat gooey. The prawns were good to taste but flat in terms of flavours (like the frozen variety). Rate the dish 4.25/5

Kumro patay pur bhora chingri pakora
Kumro patay pur bhora chingri pakora
Dissected – Kumro patay pur bhora chingri pakora

Dhakai chicken jali kabab was a very different kabab than what we had ever eaten earlier. It reminded us somewhat of chicken Kobiraji. The egg coverage was not so pronounced but a thin one. The masalas used in the chicken mince filling was quite nice and balanced. Rate it 4.5/5

Dhakai chicken jali kabab
Dhakai chicken jali kabab
Dhakai chicken jali kabab
Dhakai chicken jali kabab

Chingri bhorta had full blown flavours of prawns. The mild grainy after-texture mouthfeel in the otherwise smooth bhorta made us assume that parts of the prawns heads have been made into a paste. Rate it 4.5/5

Chingri bhorta

Cox bajar style loitya shuntki bhuna was really nice. It had pieces of dry fish but what made magic on the tastebuds was the flavour & the impeccable balance of taste. The dish was intense, rustic & robust. Rate it 4.75/5

Chingri bhorta

We had Goalondo steamer chicken curry after the shuntki & I think that was a mistake. The overpowering flavours of the shuntki made us find the chicken curry a bit bland which it surely wasn’t – we realized that after quite a few bites. However we could not really enjoy the dish to its true potential till the end. It was good but did not seem outstanding. Will try again next time before having a strong flavored dish. Also, our mind was constantly comparing this with the outstanding Goalondo steamer chicken curry at two of pritha Sen’s pop ups. Rate this dish 3/5

Goalondo steamer chicken curry
Goalondo steamer chicken curry

Gondhoraj ghol did not have the gondho (aroma) of the gondhoraj (a kind of aromatic lemon). It did taste good & had a good balance of taste. Rate it 3/5

Gondhoraj ghol
Gondhoraj ghol

Overall rating of food & beverages averages out to 4.3/5

Thank you, Indrajit, for recommending this restaurant.

Look forward to revisiting this restaurant for sure. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BY YUMMRAJ.

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    There is quite little, few & far in-between too, for hard-core vegans, like us, in
    Your articles, nevertheless ..!

    Notice please.

    1. Hi thanks for writing in. Yes I agree. Will try to balance the mix. Incidentally the post after this is about vegan sattvik savoury food & some non vegan as well.

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