Winter evening Barbeque with Indian style tangy Green Marination:

…………. for the CHEF in u

Contributed by YUMMRAJ’s favourite chef ANONYMOUS

Bored with the orange tandoori masala & yearning for more? ………. & that also at a time when the weather is just about appropriate for barbeque?

So read on…………………

While u can buy the tandoori masala from the market for making tandoori kababs, here I will b telling how u can create an interesting marinade that can b used for paneer or fish or chicken – as per ur preferences.

Choose fresh dhania (corainder) & pudina (mint) leaves, about 2 big bunches each. Wash these thoroughly to ensure that all dust & dirt have been terminated. Put the leaves with 4-5 big fat cloves of garlic & green chillies (to ur taste) in a blender jar.

thoroughly cleaned & unstemmed fresh pudina & dhania leaves

Even if I do not tell u, I am sure u will add salt to taste.

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