Swagath – Mangalorean Seafood Specialist (Sector 29 Gurgaon, besides Bikanerwala & defence colony market, Delhi)

Contributed by carnivorous YUMMRAJ & Herbivorous Guest Blogger KRISHNA DORAI

In a nutshell:

Awesome place for some unique & excellent Mangalorean seafood & other South Indian Nonvegetarian cuisines – Also serve very good Vegetarian food

Restaurant website for menucard & other details: Swagath

Cuisine type: Predominantly Nonvegetarian but quite a few very good Vegetarian options as well.

Meal for 2: Rs. 600 onwards

Swagath Dining hall

Carnivorous YUMMRAJ says –

Short Description – In case u r in a hurry:

Though they serve Punjabi, Chinjabi, miscellaneous cuisines, they excel & specialize in Mangalorean Seafood – Rarely served by many others. One of the best in Town or rather the best. Chettinad & Malabari food is also very good here.

Lady fish & Bombil fry are dishes that we order even before the menu card arrives – They are that good & u never get bored of eatin the same stuff. Then there is a long list of fishes, prawns, crabs, squids & multiple cooking options in them. U r spoilt for choice & the food is unique & cool.

U have to mention in case u want ur dish to be less spicy / hot coz some of the curries might bother u otherwise. The staff is very helpful & overall the restaurant is quite a no frills place. …….. Not too costly as well …….. good place to go for a non veg dinner on budget days & also otherwise.

Detailed description: In case u have the time to enjoy reading:

As u enter the tiny compound with ur car, there is a very nice & interesting guy who takes great effort in helping u park ur car. He would use sign language that traffic cops used to do years back……. Some find him funny but I admire his nonstop efforts in managing many cars in a tiny space…….I wud rather call him retro than funny.

Swagath Dining Room & bar

The two dishes that we order before even the menu card arrives are lady fish fry & bombil fry. They are unique & simply superb. It’s takes real caliber to fry the slimy, flimsy & ever breakable bombil with a rawa coating – don’t worry, it does not taste slimy at all.

Bombil fry
Lady Fish Fry

They serve King Fish/ Surmai , Rawas, mackarel, Bangda, pomfret in several forms – fried, masala fried, a superb butter garlic version, in curries like gassi, chettinad and so on. There are almost endless permutations & combinations & if u do not see one on the menu, u can ask for that combination & it will be served. Have never been disappointed by any one of the fish & seafood dishes that we have had here so far.

Squid with butter garlic is also a very good try but I wud still say that the same dish at Brittos in Baga beach in Goa is better.

This restaurant serves many lobster & crab dishes. When I say crab, I mean full crabs, some of which can be bigger than the dinner plate. They show you the live crabs & you can choose one, which in turn will be cooked according to your choice. We prefer the garlic butter option – as that does not interfere with the taste of the crab. We order the crab on days we have nothing to do (as a crab lunch can take 2 hours!!!!) & also if we get a seat in a corner (coz you have to eat with your hand & to vegetarian onlookers, you might appear to be a demon straight out of an epic fairy tale).

Today we had the deshelled version – crab meat in garlic pepper butter combo (price of the dish is usually not mentioned. Pls ask for it) ……… its been an hour since & the tastebuds r still dancing in joy……:) The crabmeat was not turned into a paste but was left at its original form….. that meant the texture was perfect………………… had it with some fab neer dosa …..read more about that later.

Dellllicious & Drooling good Butter pepper Garlic Crab meat

U can have similar meals with Jumbo prawns & Lobsters as well.

Curries are good in general for seafood – try the south Indian varieties. In case you like hot curries, try the Goan ones as well. Never tasted the Punjabi or Chinese here – so no comments. Have heard that Tandoori Chicken of this place is one of the best in Gurgaon.

Mutton Sukkachicken chettinad are too good among meaty stuff. There is a long list of such dishes as well – We have not liked all of them though – Very Sorry do not remember the names of those. Some of the mutton dishes were just not acceptable as they seemed not to be cooked with the spices but added to the gravy later.
U can enjoy the curries with some very good soft , thin & piping hot Neer dosa or  some crispy corners & soft base Appam – both with a fresh fermented flavor . Flaky & layered Malabari parotha is also good here.
Soft & thin Neer dosa
Overall – A great no frills place for some outstanding South Indian seafood Cuisine.
Herbivorous KRISHNA DORAI says:

This restaurant serves the food of all of the four south indian states. The dish we enjoy the most and is a must-have is the Kerala delicacy-‘Appam’ with ‘Veg Stew’. The appam is similar to a dosa and the Veg Stew is a mixed veg curry cooked in coconut milk.

Besides this, they also serve a good variety of Andhra and Chettinad food as well. The ambience is quite good and the only negative is that the meal is slightly heavy on the pocket.

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