Applebee’s – The neighbourhood Grill (South Shore Bay, Boston)

In a nutshell –

Loved the American food served in this place with a few ifs & buts

Tasting American Food in America & comparing with similar food served inIndia – A Indian foodies’s perspective.

As u enter the Restaurant

Restaurant Website: Applebees

Cuisine Type: Predominantly Nonvegetarian

Short description – In case u r in a hurry:

This place looked like a true American Neighborhood Food joint & interestingly most of the tables looked to b occupied by people around or those who had come in to buy at the mammoth Supermarkets in the vicinity.

So, being American, the portions of food were large & so were the drinks. Started with a large Mojito – was good, potent but a bit too sweet.

Large Mojitos

We ordered Appetizer Sampler – Loved the peppy mozzarella Cheese sticks, Were over impressed with the creamy spinach & artichoke dip that came with nachos, Cheese Quesadilla with bacon was good but nothing extraordinary, very unexpectedly hot & spicy, mildly sour marinated, buffalo wings with a crispy outer layer sautéed in an orange sauce – liked it.

For main course we had some outstanding ‘Signature Sirloin with Garlic Herb Shrimp ‘ & some not so outstanding ‘Grilled Shrimp & Island Rice’

Detailed Description – In case u hv the time to enjoy reading:

The Large Mojito that we started with, was too sweet as compared to the ones we have in India – inspite of being a Bong with a sweet tooth, I found it too sweet. The overall taste was not bad though , the quantity was huge & the drink was strong………..Just the right amount of Sugar cud have elevated the status of the drink from ‘not bad’ to ‘wow’

The appetizer sampler was so well presented & looked so yummy that it increased the appetite. The nachos were thin, nice crispy & tasty and the creamy spinach & artichoke dip was superb. Every bite of nacho with a dollop of the dip seemed to pamper the tastebuds & enhance the guilt (of so much cheese). This was better than that served at Hard Rock Cafe Delhi. There were two more tiny dips – one white cheese based & another red tomato based. Both faded out in front of the Showstopper – ‘Spinach & Artichoke dip’.

Appetizer platter

The Mozarella Cheese sticks (I find them very average in India) had a peppy mild tangy taste to it – pretty interesting.

Cheese Quesadilla with bacon was quite good but nothing extraordinary – For the uninitiated, this dish is like – veggies, lots of cheese & bacon between two rotis, grilled together.

The crispy fried Buffalo wings (do not worry – Buffaloes in America do not have wings) – Chicken wings are called Buffalo wings here – These were sautéed in a dark orange sauce was very unexpectedly hot & spicy – It also had a mildly sour marination – I liked it but some of my friends did not. I remembered the much fierier version of this that we had at TGIF in MGF mall, Gurgaon.

sirloin & shrimps

The Signature Sirloin (A cut of beef) with Garlic Herb Shrimp was outstanding – This was again medium done – super soft & juicy steak which was super tasty as well. This was served with some succulent shrimps cooked to perfection. Topping was done with a light cream sauce. Accompaniments were herbed potatoes, baby carrots, Zucchini & other assorted veggies. Garnishing was done with some amazing chopped parsley & thin sliced almonds. Overall, thoroughly enjoyed…… Did not ever have it so good in any metro city of India.

Close up of the Sirloin & shrimps

The Grilled Shrimp & Island Rice was different & good in its own way but fell flat on its face as we had it after the outstanding Sirloin. It had a mild sweet taste to it which some of my friends did not like as well.

Shrimps & rice

We were so full that we cud not have any dessert & just made it by poppin in some mint.

Overall – Loved the American Dinner – Wud b delighted to have it in Delhi. Currently none of American food served in Delhi is as good.

…………………With a caveat – Will have to expand my workout schedule to make up for all those absurdly extra calories.

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