Ploof Deli , Kitchen & bar (Lodhi market, Delhi)

In a nutshell:

Very interesting cake shop cum imported meat & seafood shop cum a very cool sit-in restaurant – frequented by expats staying in Delhi.

ploof deli

Address & other details: Ploof deli

Meal for 2: Rs. 1000 onwards

Lodhi Market where Ploof is located

Cuisine Type: Vegetarian & Nonvegetarian

Short description – In case u r in a hurry:

U can walk in to the counter & buy tenderloin, salmon, pork ribs, hamburger patty, marinated (continental style) corn fed free range chicken & lamb etc – something that I have not come across in many places in Delhi NCR.
What is interesting is u can buy & take them home / ask them to cook it for u for a ‘sit & eat’. U can also order food & drinks from a 8 page menu card.

inside the restaurant cum store

Everything at the cake counter looks very enticing & a large array of different kinds of bread look interesting too.

seafood stack

We had an excellent juicy tenderloin steak, a finger-licking-good seafood stack – calamari, prawns & fish. On the menu card the fish mentioned is basa but we requested it to be replaced with salmon & offered to pay extra. The request was granted. For desserts came the unique (for Delhi) & very tasty banofee pie & date walnut pie.

Detailed Description – In case u have the time to enjoy reading the details:

Day 1:

Before the food came some breads & a red dip. The breads were inhouse – coarse texture , had mild herbs in them & was very nice. The red dip turned out to be sundried tomatoes………….wow is the word.

the red dip

The tenderloin steak was juicy & unbelievably soft – we had asked for a medium done. This was accompanied by mildly sauteed veggies & a lump of mashed potatoes. The brown sauce that was poured on top was brilliant.

tenderloin steak

The seafood stack was a visual delight when served. The prawns were marinated for long – so the chewy texture had given way to a robust uniform texture with superb taste.

The calamari were as good & soft (non-chewy) as the ones in Brittos, Baga beach, Goa (my most favourite calamari so far) – real good.

As for the salmon, we thanked our stars, our intelligence & our intuition for requesting for a swap with basa. We also were delighted with the Chef’s skill & the choice of fresh fish. Flaky, orange, soft & juicy salmon with an outer skin that was mildly sweet – caramelized effect…………………….mindblowing.

For desserts we asked the guy serving us to suggest the ‘most popular dessert’. He said – Banofee. W said yes & came an interesting food – a pie with the filling ‘banana toffee’ – ripe banana filling on a crisp & flaky tart base. The banana had a charred feel to it & tasted much better than what I was to expect if I knew it was a banana tart. Topped with chocolate, this was indeed a unique & very interesting dish.


We also had a date walnut pie……….. we found this more interesting though this was on the sweeter side.

date walnut pie

Day 2:

This time around we had already had lunch somewhere else & walked in for some desserts. We ended up ordering two drinks that turned out to b pretty good.

The Watermelon pineapple drink was fresh, refreshing & had just the right amount of sweetness. The flavors of both the fruits were present.

watermelon pineapple drink
watermelon pineapple drink

The other drink that we had was pineapple pomegrenade & lemon. Loved it too.

pineapple pomegrenade lemon juice
pineapple pomegrenade lemon juice

For dessert we ordered banana & berry cheesecake. I was good but did not leave a lasting impression.

banana & berry cheesecake
banana & berry cheesecake

The last dessert that we had this day was mindblowing good – molten chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. The cake was hollow & within was thick gooey molten chocolate that had the right proportions of salt, sweet & bitter. Everything from texture to taste was perfect & better than I cud expect. The vanilla ice cream was the usual local ‘vanilla flavored ice cream’ & not the ones made from real vanilla pods. Scope for improvement on that front.



Overall – We will surely visit again & again to explore more & more. Recommended for all those who miss good continental food in Delhi.

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