Slink and Bardot (thadani house, opp Indian coast guard, Worli village, Worli, mumbai)

In a NUtshell: A restaurant situated in a visually unimpressive locality, having beautiful interiors, great service and outstanding French food Address & other details:  slink and Bardot Meal for 2: ₹1500 onwards Cuisine type :  vegetarian and non vegetarian Disclaimer: All restaurants / eateries reviewed by YUMMRAJ were visited by YUMMRAJ himself & he has paid for the full Bill & tips also. does not have even one featured / … Continue reading Slink and Bardot (thadani house, opp Indian coast guard, Worli village, Worli, mumbai)

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Spectra, Coffee Shop, Leela Kempinsky (NH8 Gurgaon, besides Ambience Mall)

This post covers our visit on 4th july 2020 & also our first experience in 2011.

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Keep scrolling down to Read about our first experience at spectra in 2011.

In a NUtshell

An excellent dinner in a restaurant after 4 months of eating at home – wonderful experience overall, great food, enhanced by our host.

Address & other details: spectra

Meal for 2: ₹2000 onwards

Cuisine type : vegetarian & non vegetarian

Disclaimer: All restaurants / eateries reviewed by YUMMRAJ were visited by YUMMRAJ himself & he has paid for the full Bill & tips also. does not have even one featured / sponsored reviews. YUMMRAJ believes in going to a restaurant in anonymity, as a normal guest, experience everything & give a honest account of the same to you.

I rate all the food items & then give a final overall rating which is a simple average of the individual item ratings. What the ratings stand for: 5 = Excellent, 4 = Very Good, 3 = Good, 2 = Fair, 1 = Disaster

Short description- in case u r in a hurry

This was our first dinner in a restaurant ever since cities got locked down due to COVID. We were deliberating between different options & narrowed down to spectra. We were looking for European food. Very Glad that we came here – the experience was totally worth it.

The restaurant is situated inside leela ambience gurugram. As we alighted from our vehicle, a guy in uniform came for valet parking. I handed over the keys & the car. He asked my phone number (he said it was mandatory). I asked for the receipt. He said physical receipt will not be given & that I will receive an SMS in 10 minutes. The SMS however never came. After our dinner I walked out of the gate, told the security about my car. He asked me for SMS. I said I did not get. He got me the car & handed over the keys!!! So imagine someone can quote another person’s Bentley’s number & drive it away!!! Super wierd.

As we entered the hotel we were asked to put all our metal belongings in a tray and pass through the security so that there is no need for physical patting and checking. As we reached the lobby, we were asked to stand in front of a machine that could measure the temperature without physical contact.

After this,when we moved on to the restaurant, it was about 7:40 PM and the restaurant had about 4 to 5 tables occupied. it was as silent as it could be it. No chatter, no clattering of cutlery. It seemed like walking into a restaurant in a hotel at 7 AM in the morning for breakfast on Sunday, sharp at the opening time.

When we had called earlier, the guy did not tell us that the last order will be before 8 pm. We were lucky we walked in at 7.40. Else we would have to return.

Our server was extremely warm and constantly kept us engaged throughout our stay in the restaurant. We felt like being guests at his home.

As we sat, he got us a scanner. It had a QR code, which we had to scan from our camera of the phone. immediately as we scanned the code, a link appeared and it had the entire menu of all the restaurants in the hotel. The E-menu was Crisp and very very easy to navigate through. it was very user-friendly, I must say.

The final check however came in traditional printed paper. Thankfully, inside the restaurant we could takeoff our masks because the tables are apart anyway and due to low occupancy people were seated far from each other.

Few customers in the restaurant and imports not yet being normal, led to some ingredients being absent in the kitchen. so few of the dishes that we wanted to have , cud not be served to us. However, whatever we had was outstanding and by far made up for not getting the ones we were looking for.

Absolutely loved the food

Detailed description – in case u hv the time to njoy reading:

As we waited for the food, we were served a complimentary Immunity booster – it had strong celery flavors, had a tinge of salt, it was not too sweet & overall it was a great refreshing drink. Rate it 4.25/5

We ordered grilled Norwegian salmon. It was just brilliant. It was so juicy that At times it felt like that I was having watermelon!!! The fish was flaky, full of flavors and perfectly cooked. the skin on top was Crisp & super enjoyable. Chef had made a marmalade Inhouse, that was spread on top of the fish. excellent. Loved it so much that our plate was polished white by the end of the meal. Rate it 4.5/5

Grilled lamb chops were perfectly cooked as well. The pieces of meat used in the lamb chops were also excellent. The meat pieces had a layer of fat in the corner. These had become Crisp outside. as we would bite into the meat, the Crisp thin layer of fat wud burst into a flavorful thick liquid. Outstanding is an understatement. rate it 4.75/5

For dessert we had banana walnut caramel tart. The tart base was very good. The filling was good, the caramel sauce excellent, the bananas were very ordinary, flat taste ones – not too sweet, a hint of salt. Overall the dish was very good. Rate it 4/5.

Overall rating of food & beverages average out to 4.25/5

Really happy we went there. Wud go for a Japanese dinner some day.

Below is the original post from 2011

In a nutshell:

Loved the experience & the food – a few ifs & buts though on the food. Will surely revisit to try out other cuisines.

Inside Spectra, Leela Kempinsky, Gurgaon

Address & Menu card : Spectra

Meal for 2: Rs. 2000 onwards

Cuisine type : Vegetarian & Nonvegetarian

Cool & colorful decor at Spectra Leela kempinsky gurgaon

Short description – In case u r in a hurry:

As u walk into Leela & then into the Coffee shop Spectra, ur eyes r overwhelmed with the decor & the look. I wud not say that it is the most artistic place I have been to but it is a visual delight.

........... a visual delight

As u walk in the restaurant u realize that the staff is very warm. I have this funny habit of wearing the most ordinary of clothes to a 5 or a 7 star & then asking for non bottled filtered water – The reaction is very interesting to see coz a section of the staff in most of these places tend to judge u by these initial parameters. Here at Spectra the reaction was as warm & normal as it could get & they passed my funny test with flying colors.

The Coffee shop has a very very interesting Japanese counter where u can chat with the chef, tailor-make ur sushis & sashimis & sit & eat on the bar table. The Chef rolls the sushis in front of u from scratch &serves.

A little away from there is the Chinese counter. Here again u can sit on counter, chat with the chef , tailor-make ur food & eat soups, stir fries , soupy noodles like thukpas etc. All ingredients are kept there as well & the colors of them are a visual delight.

There are also a good representation of cuisines that u usually do find too many Top end Restaurants specializing in. e.g Arab cuisine, Thai, Malaysian, Singaporean . They also have a large list of good unusual food (unusual when compared to menu cards of other delhi restaurants).

The menu card has a very large & wide selection vegetarian section.

Other interesting options are a breakfast spread Rs. 750 + taxes, a Lunch buffet of Rs. 1600 + taxes , a Sunday Brunch (with sparkling wine, house red & white wine, beer & vodka cocktails) & a Champagne Brunch for Rs. 3500 (Champagne in place of Sparkling wine + everything else) .

We liked the seafood soup, loved the Moroccan seafood grill & Freaked out on the outstanding tenderloin steak.

Detailed Description – In case u have the time to enjoy reading:

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Ploof Deli , Kitchen & bar (Lodhi market, Delhi)

In a nutshell:

Very interesting cake shop cum imported meat & seafood shop cum a very cool sit-in restaurant – frequented by expats staying in Delhi.

ploof deli

Address & other details: Ploof deli

Meal for 2: Rs. 1000 onwards

Lodhi Market where Ploof is located

Cuisine Type: Vegetarian & Nonvegetarian

Short description – In case u r in a hurry:

U can walk in to the counter & buy tenderloin, salmon, pork ribs, hamburger patty, marinated (continental style) corn fed free range chicken & lamb etc – something that I have not come across in many places in Delhi NCR.
What is interesting is u can buy & take them home / ask them to cook it for u for a ‘sit & eat’. U can also order food & drinks from a 8 page menu card.

inside the restaurant cum store

Everything at the cake counter looks very enticing & a large array of different kinds of bread look interesting too.

seafood stack

We had an excellent juicy tenderloin steak, a finger-licking-good seafood stack – calamari, prawns & fish. On the menu card the fish mentioned is basa but we requested it to be replaced with salmon & offered to pay extra. The request was granted. For desserts came the unique (for Delhi) & very tasty banofee pie & date walnut pie.

Detailed Description – In case u have the time to enjoy reading the details:

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Seasonal Tastes : Coffee Shop at Westin Gurgaon, Iffco Chowk

In a nutshell :

Marvellous food – The Chef is a genius, the service however has a long way to go.

Address & other details: Seasonal Tastes, Westin

Cuisine Type : Both Vegetarian & Nonvegetarian

Meal for 2: Rs. 1500 onwards (without beverages) – a lot depends on what u order. Seafood, Red meats are expensive, veg & Chicken dishes are much lower.

Short Description – In case u r in a hurry:

Atlantic Salmon Steak was mouthwatering good – grilled & served with Lemon Butter sauce. Lemon tart was good but we’ve had better. Serving staff were bit less attentive or were plain overworked……. we really had to make efforts to make eye contact & wave to get something!!!!

Detailed Description – In case u have time to enjoy reading:

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