Chinese Noodles

‘For the chef in u………’    here comes in a new section that has a unique way of presenting delicious food that can easily b made at home

Contributed by : YUMMRAJ’s favourite Chef – ANONYMOUS

When in mood for a hot lazy winter Sunday morning brunch, why not try making some thin rice noodles (or rice vermicelli) with stir fried fresh veggies & some prawns & scrambled eggs thrown in for good measure………….

….well, u can do without the prawns or the eggs or both or u can substitute the prawns with chicken – whatever be it, u r sure 2 get a load of praise.

Since good food has no set chemical formula, I refuse to list out measurements in grams & mililiitres. I ‘d rather leave it 2 ur interpretation, preference & imagination.

To start with, slice veggies like zucchini, white onions / spring onions, babycorns, pokchoy (Chinese leafy veggie), bell peppers (capsicum) – green, yellow or red or all of them, mushrooms (try the dried black mushrooms)……………… more or less the way it is shown in the pic. Just tear the Pokchoy into pieces with hand before cooking it.

click on the pic, enlarge it & take a look - try 2 cut as close to this as possible

Thinly slice fat cloves of garlic & mince a tiny piece of ginger.

Fry the garlic slices in a tiny pool of oil or a lump of butter, till golden brown. Drain & keep aside.

golden brown thin garlic slices

Marinate the prawns with salt & vinegar & quick-fry them in the oil left over from garlic fry. Do not over fry the prawns, lest they turn rubbery. Though its too tempting to keep popping in the prawns, control ur emotions & keep them aside.

hard to resist prawns

Soak the thin rice noodles for five minutes or as instructed in the pack. They wud look like a bunch of optic cables.

Heat oil in the wok (hindi me bole to Kadhai) to smoking point & add the minced ginger. Let the veggies follow soon after – since ginger burns fast. Stir fry on high heat & add salt – Do not slow cook & soften the veggies. They taste better when crispy.

veggies being stir fried

Add the noodles to the veggies, stir some more, add the prawns, stir further, add scrambled eggs & resume stirring. Add soy sauce & vinegar to taste.

.............& here comes ur noodle

Stir for a minute more & yo……………u r done. Garnish with the browned garlic slices………………………simple na?

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