Kobe Sizzlers ( 3rd Floor, Ambience Mall, Gurgaon)

In a nutshell:

Better than most sizzler places in Delhi NCR but nowhere near to the real taste & flavours of similar food that u get in Europe / USA.

the logo
the logo

Address & other details: Kobe Sizzlers

Meal for 2: Rs. 800 onwards

Cuisine type: vegetarian & nonvegetarian

Short Description – in case u r in a hurry:

For the uninitiated, Kobe refers to cuts of beef from a certain species of cattle, raised according to strict tradition in Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan. The meat is generally considered to be a delicacy, renowned for its flavour, tenderness, and fatty, well-marbled texture.This happens to be one of the most expensive meats in the world.

When Kobe Sizzlers of Mumbai opened shop in Gurgaon for the first time few years back, we were exited. A quick visit to Kobe gave mixed reactions – It was surely better than most other sizzler places around, including Peter Cat of Park Street Kolkata. However, when it came to the sauces, the right flavours, herbs, texture of steamed veggies etc, this one was shades below its Global counterparts. Must mention here that the prices at Kobe r cheaper than the others I am referring to.

The restaurant is well designed – visually. Functionally, it is a bit too crammed, to the extent that u can definitely hear 100% of the discussion on the next table. I guess there is no alternative as space is limited & people throng here all the while – queues r often to b seen.

Dining Hall of the restaurant
Dining Hall of the restaurant

The air inside is usually filled with strong burnt smell of sizzlers which is good for carnivores like us but might not b very enjoyable to vegetarians. Sound of sizzlers & the smoke coming out from it make up for the mood of this place.

This is a place good to go, eat & get out. Not really a fine dining place, not a dating place either but a kind of ‘eat good food & spend chatting time elsewhere’ kinda place.

Some members of the staff are Old School true blue restaurant Stewards & that makes the experience quite nostalgic at times. Rest of the guys appeared to b modern day restaurant waiters who r doing this for earning a living & might move on to say a Shopper’s Stop in the next job jump.

Detailed description – In case u have the time to njoy reading:

We started our meal with a Chicken soup in oriental style. It had thick gravy with chicken meatballs in it. The flavours were very good but the dish had less salt. It started tasting good after we added salt. The chicken meatballs were tiny, juicy & quite sour. Overall the dish was quite interesting but short of wow. I wud give this a 3.5/5 as a dish.

chicken soup - oriental style
chicken soup – oriental style

Post this we ordered for a Mixed meat Sizzler. It had a tenderloin steak cubes, a liver steak, two pieces of sausage & lamb chops. This was served on a bed of raw cabbages, cauliflower, steamed beans, onions, tomatoes, carrots & French fries.

The French fries were withered from the beginning. Maybe they were fried a bit too in advance in the kitchen. The veggies were done very badly – They had softened. The art of steamed veggies in Continental food is to keep them crunchy. I wud give these 2/5

The sizzler had a poached egg on the top. I was happy to see that they had not used the usual poultry egg but used the organic farmed chicken eggs – not that I am an organic food freak but the fact that these eggs taste much better – just notice the yolk is much more orange than the usual pale yellow color. I wud give this 4.5/5.

mixed meat sizzler with egg on top & veggies beneath
mixed meat sizzler with egg on top & veggies beneath

The Tenderloin had very good marination, was almost well-done (without asking for choice) , was slightly juicy , a bit fibrous & very good to taste. I wud give this 3.5/5.


The sausage was normal machine ground & hence non lumpy & non juicy but enjoyably soft – the types that r available at supermarkets in Gurgaon. The guys at the kitchen however did a good job of marinating this & then grilling it perfectly by giving a charred effect that added to the overall experience of the sausage. If sausage gets 2.5, the workmanship gets 4.5 & they add up to 3.5/5 for the sausage.

sausage & liver
sausage & liver

The grilled liver was excellent – perfectly done & just right charred , not less not more. Wow. I give this a 4.5/5.

The Lamb Chop was perhaps overdone or over marinated. The meat had started falling off the bone beyond the desirable limit. Taste was good – texture was sub-optimal. I wud say this is again 3.5/5.

lamb chops
lamb chops

Post the platter we went for a Jumbo prawn sizzler. This turned out to b a bad choice. The prawns were decent in size, optimally soft. However the sauce in which this was cooked was really wierd. At Rs. 700 a plate, the guys need to b really sure of what they r providing. The gravy was flat, did not have a character, any specific flavour …….. whatever. Neither Indian/ Oriental nor Western. I give this dish a 2.5/5.

We ordered for a Mojito & what came instead was an apple Mojito. The apple premix tasted a bit synthetic & apple pieces did nothing more than add color to the Mojito. Good as it is but not great. Again 3/5

Apple Mojito
Apple Mojito

Overall the ranking for food at Kobe Sizzlers adds up to 3.44/5.

Wud I get back here again? Maybe no, unless I am very hungry while I am in Ambience Mall & wanna eat a meaty dish in short time.

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